Sunday, July 31, 2011

Odyssey Cruise: Boston Brunchers

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In the short time that I have been blogging, I have really come to love it. I have made great friends and met some awesome people.  I have also got to do some really great things that I would never do without blogging!  Today was no exception.  Today I was lucky enough to join the Boston Brunchers on the Odyssey Cruise for brunch.  The Boston Brunchers was started last year with a group of bloggers just going out to brunch, as foodie bloggers will do.  Since then it has evolved into a monthly event where bloggers come together to enjoy brunch together.  Sometimes it is free and sometimes you might have to pay a few dollars, sometimes it is by raffle and sometimes it is first come first serve.  I first learned of Boston Brunchers from Elizabeth at On Tap for Today.  And could not wait to sign up! So when the call came for the Odyssey I jumped, I was actually the first one to put my name in the raffle, and I won - a trip on the Odyssey Cruise for lunch with a guest of my choice and a ton of other bloggers and their friends.

So today, after my painful (I mean painful my shoes sucked!) elliptical workout (yes the shoes/feet were painful on the elliptical!),  I met my friend Samantha and we headed to the Odyssey. Overall, I had a great time!  It was so wonderful to catch up with old blogger friends and meet new ones.  For the first hour, before we even left port, we dined and then for the other two hours we lounged on the top of the deck and did some sun bathing (sad to say probably the most sun I have gotten all summer, yea I know, sad...)

On the positive side, the company was magnificent, the service great, and the view speculator.  Additionally, the event was not too long so that you felt stuck on the boat but instead it was the perfect amount of time - we ate before we left and spent the rest of the time outdoors.  At first I thought it was going to be too much, but in the end I was sad to leave.

The food, however, was only ok.  It was a buffet, and I am not a big buffet person.  Things just seem generally to be colder and not as fresh with buffets.  Here it was fairly fresh and not cold but what I had was just ok.  I enjoyed waffles and french toast with tons of fruit and whipped cream but it still left much to be desired.  There was tons of other choices both breakfast and lunch options from bagels and lox to chicken and a veggie pasta.  They also had a nice selection of desserts as well as a chocolate fountain, I did not try them out (I was way too full from brunch) but it looked pretty yummy.  We also were treated to mimosas, it was actually my first ever and very enjoyable!

 All in all it was a great day. Biggest downsides, (1) all that sun has led to a major headache, lesson learned, I need to get more adapted to the sun and (2) walking in my sandals far distances to get to the boat only created more problems for my feet = blister city (too much information? sorry!)

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