Sunday, July 3, 2011

Wedding Woes

I met my husband on the Kosher side of our school's cafeteria, a typical way to meet your husband if you are Jewish and attending a Jewish school.  I have always been a go-getter and pretty much hounded my future innocent, naive husband into coming on a makeshift date with me that night to a school organization's ice skating trip.  I lured  him in with the chance to iceskate, as a hockey player he could not resist.  I stuck with him all night as he "taught" me how to skate - even though I already knew how.   At the end of the night, when he offered to take others home I made sure to get the front seat in the car.  He had no idea what was happening.  I called our mutual friend and made sure to get his screen-name (yes screen-name) and before he knew it, a relationship was born.  That was our freshman year.  We have now been together 7 1/2 years and today, on our 3rd anniversary, I could not be happier, I am still head over heels for the guy I fell in love with within two weeks of dating.  It has not always been easy, we have struggled through difficult times, but I would never go back.  He is my best friend, my confidant, my partner in life, without him I do not know what I would do (can you tell generally from my blog?)

Our first picture

In the last year of college, all I wanted was to be Mrs. Aaron.  And he knew it, BOY did I let him know it.  The day our friends came home engaged, I was enraged (hey, they were together less time than us, leave me alone, I told you I am a go-getter).  It was Aaron's mother who sealed the deal.  As she said at our wedding, I am a mother of daughters, I said to Aaron four years IS a long time to wait. You can get engaged she said, and have a long engagement.  After Aaron proposed, she started again, pestering about plans for the wedding and starting to plan, a long engagement became a little over a year - I love her.  As "fate" may have it, she just knew because very sadly, my mother-in-law passed away from cancer, the May after our wedding, if we had waited, she would not have been there at our wedding.

Engaged a few days after Graduation 

 Mr. and Mrs. Aaron

Engaged in Boston

So, why wedding woes.  I would love to say the days and months leading up to our wedding went smoothly.  And most did. I LOVED "playing" wedding as I called it.  Aaron believes I loved that more than the actual marriage.   The wedding, in my opinion, was perfect but it was not always easy!

The biggest dilemma came two months before our wedding.  We were home for Passover. That first morning home, my father sat me down and said "now don't panic, but there are rumors that your wedding's catering hall has gone bankrupt!" Panic, me, no! Actually, I have to admit I was pretty calm, we went over to the hall to confirm our suspicions, and unfortunately we were right, this aged-old highly respected catering hall had gone under and taken our money and wedding with it! That day, we scrambled.  We scrambled to find a new catering hall, to order new invitations, to find new hotels, to blow dry open the old invitations so that we could still use the envelopes.  Luckily, we did it all and found a new perfect catering hall.  I told the hall, that this event was "Bershet" a yiddush term, meaning Meant to Be.  I could not have been happier.

Here is a glimpse:
Watch my mother-in-law fixing my veil...

While there are more stories to share:

1)  shopping for a shawl for my mother in law the day before my wedding;
2) my sister-in-law not fitting into her dress at 8 months pregnant (and my mother-in-law finding a new one in her size in TN);

3) my bridesmaid deciding for realistic financial reasons she could not be in the wedding,
4) finding a hall that would meet everyone's needs;
5) having an incorrect marriage contract,
6) my father trying to fix my flowers

7) not having flowers (uh we had candles and rose pedals instead, they wanted $85 a pop for this!)

8) dress and shoes not working with choreographed dance

9) the Chubbah falling down during the rehearsal

Enough said.  The day was ours and it was perfect in many ways.  I feel extremely blessed to lead the life I live and thankful that you all let me share a bit of it with you.  I love you Aaron.  And here is to many many more years of health, love, and happiness! Oh yea, I almost forgot, what is the third year, I believe it is the year of the treadmill and elliptical (who needs diamonds!)

 Coming Down the Aisle with Mammy's (Grandma's) eyes watching over me
 Almost there
 7 Times Around

Fly me to the Moon
 Yum! ;)

Our little usher

Debbi, we love you and miss you more than words can say, and know that you are looking down on us today.

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