Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hubby's Hospital Happenings

Now not to be stereotypical but Jewish mothers and pretty much all Jewish women (I know anyway) can be overprotected and bossy, in a good way of course.  I just think it is in our genes and I am very much ok with it.  While I am not a Jewish mother yet,  I still have a whole lot of these traits.  So when Aaron left me a voicemail this morning saying "I'm ok but I did something stupid and I need your advice"  I was on the phone within seconds and when he did not pick up the first time, I just dialed again until he did pick up- no waiting for a return call for this gal.

Apparently, during hockey, Aaron went down for a puck ( he is a goalie and could probably recap this better) and never got back up.  When he went down, he heard a pop.  I learned later that instead of rushing to the ER, the guys helped him to the locker room and proceeded to finish the game!!!! Uhhh, it is pick up hockey people!  Oh well, Aaron apparently drove HIMSELF to the emergency room - you can see my motherly blood just boiling here.  At this point is when I called him.  He proceeded to tell me the shorten version but I did not know until he came home what popped and was soo worried it was his knee!  He told me it was fine and to go to work. In true fashion, I told him to Shut Up and that I was coming to him. 

As it ended up, he had me meet him at home.  As my trooper (but maybe slightly stupid - sorry honey) husband, drove HIMSELF back to the house.  As I waited for him in the garage to exit the car, I saw it an air cast and crutches around his sprained ankle. Phew!  We can live with that, right?  Apparently only 1-2 weeks no sports etc.  But you know we are headed right to my PT don't you?

Now I love our new house but it has stairs. And when I say stairs, I mean lots of them.  There are three flights and geez I would say there are like 10-15 steps in each staircase - not ideal for crutches in the least.  Aaron immediately took to trying to hop up the stairs...halfway through I commanded him to take a break )I am not even going to cross out the command word here because thats what was necessary).  It is then when he invoked his mommy's instructions to 2 year old Aaron - "tushi first" and up he went "tushi first" up the stairs.

Once we got him on the couch, this happened.

And I could not resist a little of this too.  Did I ever mention I am 5'1 (5'2 on a good day) and Aaron is 6'3 (6'4 on a good day) - makes for interesting photos....

Anyway,  again the motherly instincts kicked in - I prepped his food for the day, set him up with a cooler for ice, and even tried to bring his massively amazing computer downstairs.  Apparently, I need to work on my upper body because we had to settle for the laptop and extra monitor instead - his computer is crazy heavy!! Aaron lifts it like it is 5 lbs, definitely not.  I also offered to give him a pail so he did not have to get up to use the bathroom, he refused for some reason beknownst to me! lol. Too Much Information?

Aaron promised me he would be ok and would get to his work and told me I should do the same.  So I did, reluctantly.  Now, I guess it is important, at this point, to note that Aaron, for a few reasons, cannot take pain meds and has not had any pain medication or alcohol in about three years.  At the hospital, they wanted to give him Tylenol 3, so we are talking heavy pain here, the man refused! Me I run for these pills if in need of them, I am a weakling when it comes to pain.  Thus it was not long before I got a message from Aaron that he tried to get up felt all light headed from the pain and had to give up for the day retiring to the couch.  He also managed to slip a bit and run out of ice.  As I could not get home, I suggested calling our neighbor and good friend for help.  He explained that this would mean he would have to get up and unlock the door, highly unlikely at this point.  This carried on all day!!! Oh dear, was I worried - checking in about every 5 minutes.  Doesn't he know that I am the only one allowed to have such problems?

When I got home, Aaron was stuck  on the couch right where I left him :(   I started making dinner, I was going to make pizza.  I was prepping for an hour while trying to get rid of the annoying fruit flies (ugh i hate them!!) and when I get ready to use the dough I bought, it was crap and got lots of holes in it and would not stretch out.  Needless to say we had bagels for dinner again...
That's it for now. I think we are still being punished for no traffic on the Cape.  Oh well, watch out for a giveaway for BondiBands coming soon - it was going to be today but I had to post on the above, you can blame the hubby for that one (sorry again dear, totally not your fault, my laziness!)

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