Tuesday, July 19, 2011

How I Spend My Hard Earned Money

Look what arrived this week:

My very own first race tee-shirt! Designed by me, myself, and I. Ok I also had the help of my lovely husband and my good friend over at breakmark.com I am sure most of you have never heard of him. But I have to give him a little shout out here.  Mat, the owner of Break Mark has been working with me for weeks to get me the exact shirt I wanted for race days.  I sent him ideas and he sent me marks up and we went back and forth deciding on the best design for me.  This is only my first shirt, there are many more to come! Hi everyone, my name is Stephanie and I am race-shirt-aholic!  What can I say, as a runner I can't get enough. Thus I could not wait to try this one out!

Anyway Mat actually started his business for frisbee players but I have pretty much lured him over to the dark side of us runners and he has been graiously helping me formulate my dream shirts patiently putting up with my redesigns.  He even said that we could work again on getting the colors even more specific to my shoes (does this guy know his stuff or what).  Plus the jerseys have the design dyed into them so there is no weight to the design!

This gets even better.  My adorably persusaive self (more on that later) as Aaron calls me, asked Mat and he agreed for a special price for my lovely bloggers.  He will do shirts for anyone of you for $25 dollars that includes shipping and a graphic on the front and back and oh btw did you notice the shirts are Dri-Fit (and they come in different colors!).  Pretty crazy.  If you are interested, let me know and I will get you in contact with Mat. Can't say enough about the guy he is a sweetie and a home-grown company boy so its always good to support them.

Guess what else came in the mail?

Ahhhh! I am sooo excited. I initially found these through Erin @UntilYouTri's giveaway. I did not win but with a discount offer, I could not resist. And I could not be happier.  Stephanator as many of you know is what my PT calls me.  I love it, so fitting - more on that later too!

That's it, not a bad day for the mail!

Any of you get some fun goodies in the mail lately?

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