Monday, July 18, 2011

Matchmaker, Matchmaker

For those of you who don't know the reference, I will just be the little lone Jewish girl without the Christmas tree.  Actually, it is a pretty well known song anyway...

It did not take long for Aaron to realize that I like to play match maker. It is my favorite game in fact. I love matching people up and getting them together!  I guess I am just so happy with Aaron (yuck I know), I want others to be as happy and can't grasp why so many of my nice friends won't fit perfectly together.  I am in the midst of one of many schemes now.  My friend, at temple, this weekend stated "we need to set our friend up..." She could not even get the words out of her mouth before I jumped and Aaron began to shake his head. Not again. Because he knows, I love to play matchmaker and thus rushed home to e-mail my friend who is all the way in Prague, no less, to set this one up hah! Now maybe Aaron would not hate my obession with this if it was not for the fact that I have never really been a successful matchmaker (unless you count the time freshman year of college where I decided I was not right for a boy I was interested in and he instead started dating my roommate and they later married).  I have big hopes for this one though, I know this time will be different!!!

Maybe it is the fact that my matchmaking skills are so bad is the reason that my shoes just don't seem to match with me.  No matter what shoe I pair myself with, it is a loss. I always find something to annoy me.  It might be the heel cup or the tongue or the bottom of the shoe, but there is always something I am annoyed with.  It is kind of like me and boys.  I could never find a guy I liked. I always found some imperfection with them and that would be it.  Sounds awful, but it is just how I knew we were not right. If something so simple as how polite they were (I KNOW, I am crazy) annoyed me to no end, I reasoned it was really about something much more!  I tell Aaron, I couldn't find anything that annoyed me about him and that is how I knew he was the "one." 

Well, unfortunately, as many of you know, it has been this way with me and shoes lately.  Love them one second want to delete them from my Facebook and cellphone the next.  I guess I should get a new job, I am not such a good matchmaker huh?

As some of you may know (as I whine about my issues calmy contemplate my dilemma), I have been having "some" trouble finding shoes - in fact its been 2 months now and I have not found my match. It has almost been a shoe a week.  I have owned about 8 DIFFERENT pairs of shoes (see one a week) and NOTHING works.  We thought the Glycerins were it. Brooks Women's Glycerin 9 Running Shoe,Black/Metallic Pavement/Aquarius/Silver,8 B US

But then started the top of the foot pain (in come the shoe tying methods). Then we realized, hey, maybe it is the shoe as we discovered a weird crease down the bottom of the Right shoe where the pain was.  I went back to the shoe store and another one had that problem, but a final one didn't.  I put them on, I ran 8 miles in them = success! Could not be happier.  But today (almost one week in) the weird crease is coming back, slowly but surely....Oooo no not again!

Luckily, Brooks is absolutely amazing.  They have a 30 day guarantee so they will take one pair of my Glycerins (the first pair) bac).  They will also take back my Trances and Adrenalines (even though it is way over 30 days - an exception). And will send my the Dyad and the Launches to try.  If one is better than the other, they will send me another one of my favorites and I will keep my second pair of Glycerins and see if they work out. Can everyone follow that?  It is a lot!! But Brooks has really been awesome. I spent a good amount of time last night on a chat with Brooks and they were sooo nice.  I could not be more grateful to them.

But, I am frustrated. Frustrated. I can't find a shoe, I can't run. But more so that I am annoying everyone under the sun about my little problem. Sorry all!  It is at times like this that I try to practice acceptance and look at the big picture.   There are a lot worse things in life than not finding shoes.

Recycling photos? sorry, but this is such a great one, how can you not want to see it again lol

Anyone else out there like me and a poor matchmaker and can't find shoes :( - I hope not for your sake!

Oh by the way, I did this little giveaway and the winner is....

Email me missy and I will get you all set up!  In the meantime everyone else, check her out. She is great!!  I know it stinks not to win (been there) but I will have more giveaways I promise!

Thank you everyone for your participation and comments. I am sorry I could not reply to all of them but I read them all and I was so happy to see new faces. I hope everyone sticks around, I promise not to complain about my shoes too much!

On one last note, I am the worst speller of all time, matchmaker one word or two? ;)

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