Friday, July 22, 2011

I Run On My Treadmill In the Pool - Aqua Therapy Style!

Early last Friday morning, I was minding "my own business" on Twitter (yea...right) when a Tweet came through from Corey at RunnersCookie about meeting BostonSportsWoman that day at 4.  I had no idea what this was about but, hey, it sounded good to me so I immediately repied and BostonSportsWoman replied back - they were going to meet at Boston Sports Medicine (BSM), in Allston to try out running on the treadmill, in the pool!  Running you say?  Meeting an awesome blogger?  Yes please! Nevermind the fact that I don't own a bathing suit or that I am suppose to be shopping after work today.  These are all little speedbumps in the road.  After all, who really needs to have food for their BBQs, right.  (Side note if you have never looked up BSW (I had not oops!!!) it is amazing, it brings together amazing bloggers in Boston and I am psyched I got a chance to get hooked up with this great establishment!).

Anway, so after work on Friday, I did the only natural thing possible.  I made Aaron map out a route to the nearest store with a bathing suit and then to BSM.  Well, I know many of you spend a good amount of time in the pool but not this girl.  I have not been to the pool or beach once this summer (BOO!) but as per swimming laps, I did my time for two years with my high school swim team (it was not pretty) and then hung up my goggles.  So having about 5 minutes to find a suit was a little less than ideal.  I essentially entered the store grabbed as many sizes as I could and ran to the changing room. Results, wrong size, of course!  I opened the changing room door (in my suit)  and tried to get some help, no luck! Just some two young boys starring at me like I was from Mars.  I made a mad dash for the bathing suit rack and came back with a suit, perfect.  Oh and I had to buy a towel too.  Nevermind the little fact that I had not really shaved my legs in hmmm two or three days ooops, maybe the super high tech cameras would not notice.

So I made it to the BSM and was first to arrive.  Boston Sports Medicine is a physical therapy practice that focuses on sports rehabilitation, orthopedic rehabilitation, post-surgical rehabilitation, and aquatic therapy and is located in Allston, Boston, Brookline, Somerville, and Watertown.  Now, as many of you know, I have "some" experience with PT and my first impression of this place was that it was beautiful.  State of the art, clean and inviting.  At first glace, it appeared to be a great place to do some rehab in.

But our real interest that day was the pool!  I could not wait to hear more about this idea. Running in the pool on a treadmill, wow! Corey arrived and we quickly changed and Dr. Michael Velsmid, the founder of Boston Sports Medicine, took us to the pools (yup they have two of them!). 

See that little belt, it is a treadmill!

 Just look at Dr. Velsmid, he means business.  He was so sweet but you could tell that he was going to make you work and get better faster!

Before, we got into the pool, Michael explained to us a bit about the pool and what it is used for.  In brief, aquatic therapy can be used for people of all kinds.  Specifically Boston Sports Medicine treats athletes with injuries including runners and ballerinas as well as others suffering from various injuries and ailments sich as post-surgical patients, patients with arthritis, and those suffering from orthopedic injuries. BSM  has not one but two pools that cost a whooping $75,000 each not to mention they keep the water at 90 degrees - this made me happy because I am generally a cold person.   Within a few minutes of talking with Michael, I was sold on aquatic therapy.  Why you ask?

The Top Five Reasons for me to get back in the pool!

1) They allow you to get back at it right after becoming injured.  Michael explained that they have patients in the pool within a week of surgery or injury.  This is possible because the pool is non-weight barring (only 20%, 10% for us short people over here)!  This would have been a lifesaver for me had I known about it when I was first injured a few years ago and could do nothing but sit on my butt :(
2) There is the potential for pain reduction - joint movement is possible in the water even if you experience pain! "Warm salt water is analgesic and supports the body and reduces stress to the joints so you can streghten and condition your muscles even as your injury heals"
3) You experience increased circulation and range of motion as well as improve balance and endurance.  
4) The water protects your joints during exercise, reduces stress and decreases swelling.
5) And the best one yet, you won't lose any of your training. Michael explained to us if you got injured and at that point you were at 12 miles in your training, you could continue to train in the pool and when you are ready to get back on dry land and you would not have  lost any of your training.

Well, that was enough for me, I could not wait to get in this thing!  We jumped in and Michael started us running.  I was a bit short but just made it without having to put on the "floatie" (my husband loved that!).  Anyway,  I got to run on the treadmill, move sideways, and backwards and even do some arm workouts.  I also did a little swimming!  Michael put on the jets and told me to swim against the current.  I think those Tri-folks out there would eat this up!  Finally, I even got to have a little massage with the jets...don't mind if I do. 

Corey, ramped up the speed on the treadmill (it goes up to 7.5) and worked her leg muscles. 

It was amazing!  Seriously, I am not doing this place justice.   Afterwards, we did a little Q&A which was videotaped and hopefully will be available soon. 

As a thank you, Michael offered us a discount on their new service, massage therapy.  A thank you?  I was flabbergasted!  I was thanking him!  But I could not turn it down and have already signed up for it. Besides massage therapy, they also have Graston Technique, which I have personally never tried but apparently people swear by it and it is worth looking into, and many other services.  All in all it was a great afternoon.  Thanks to Michael for having me as well as Corey, BostonSportsWomen (represented by Kathy) for allowing me to tag along and for taking some awesome pictures!  I can't say it enough, check this place out and get yourself in the pool

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