Sunday, July 10, 2011

Loop Swoop and Pull - Tying Your Shoes and My First Giveaway

Check out my guest posts on Monday @sweettoothrunner and @runningwithsass...Anyway...

It is no secret that my feet have not been cooperating lately and have been VERY picky about finding a new pair of shoes.  I think it the past month I have been the proud owner of 6 or 7 pairs of shoes and have only found one that works!!  Indeed I did not have that much trouble finding my soulmate (who recently built and finished my our walk in closet, pictures to come), but if I had to pick I would rather have trouble finding shoes, you can't win them all.




In a very brief recap, if you are tired of hearing about this already, apparently I have been running in the wrong shoes for three years (maybe?) and now I am adjusting to a new shoe, the Brooks Glycerin.   And since I finally actually found a shoe that works for me, hopefully, Brooks has been nice enough to let me give away a pair of these shoes. 

It was love at first site with these shoes (come on, just look at the laces does it not scream matching outfits and I am currently having the appropriate attire made lol) it felt light and airy and enjoyable!

In fact, I currently wear these shoes everywhere:

On the Run (love the hands here)

For Friday Night Dinner (yes I am wearing my compression socks too, I am making a statement lol)

I wear them EVERYWHERE - at work, to parties, to affairs - as I deal with my planta facitis (among other things) these are my best friends

Tired of this picture yet?

Anyway, Brooks filled me in on some more information about these shoes.  Apparently these shoes:

"mold to any foot shape and have Omega flex grooves that enhance flexibility and improve gait efficiency-for the smoothest, most comfortable run possible." 

Whatever this means, it seems hopefully to be working for me...I think? because as well know I am in a bit of a rut.  Is it the transition to new shoes, I think so, I think I am learning how to run in a more neutral shoe, but the experts don't seem to buy it.

Ok, so what is the problem with these shoes that are so great you ask? Well, its me as usual.  My feet have still been giving me some trouble, my right foot has been, off and on, hurting on the top.  Google revealed tons of Runner World forums telling me I am not alone (thank goodness!) and that I need to change up how I tie my shoe laces! (I think it is also a bit of my planta facitis). But I found some wonderful stuff.. check out these videos from Runner's World and this site on lacing methods of all kinds, never knew there were so many ways to tie my shoes! And of course, the wonderful and amazing Lauren @healthontherun, gave me some great tips.

But Aaron has done a combo of lacing methods that seems to be the best if you have pain on the top of your foot. Now it is not 100% because there is more to it for me, but this way is pretty awesome.  In this "Aaron combo method" my foot is snug in the shoe all around the sides of my foot but not on the top and the laces never come on done!
This is my good luck race shirt, so I can always find him...thoughts?

Now without further ado, his video premier (yes I had to pull him from video games to do this, thank you honey).  Plus check out my little background fun (on a final note I am apparently the only one that does not know to use Youtube v. Utube and let me tell you my cell phone is not happy!)

I hope this method helps! Let me know please...And now the thing you have all been waiting for...


One lucky winner will win a pair of these Glycerin's for their own use and there are lot of chances to win (please leave one comment per entry).  Today, I will let you know the first ways to win and then during the week there will be other chances to enter again hidden throughout my other posts this week.  The contest will end on July 17th at 1:00 p.m., the start of Aaron's Birthday BBQ Bash :) (if you are in my area and want to join us please do!)

Here is how to enter (remember one comment per each entry & you MUST tell me that you have done each in an individual comment please, I am no mind reader thanks!)
1) Mandatory become a follower of this blog 
2) Tweet I want to win a pair of Brooks Running Shoes from Runforfun (or something of that nature)
3) Follow me on Twitter @26runforfun2
4) Like Brooks on Facebook and tell them I sent you
5)Tell me if you have ever had top of the foot pain and how you solved it
6) Starting Monday check out my guest posts at SweetToothRunner and Running with Sass (amazing ladies!)

On one final aside, thanks for all the comments on my running rut, I finally had a good workout on the elliptical today, so here's hoping!!!
Like the new shirt, I got this and more at yesterday's FitBloggin event!

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