Thursday, July 28, 2011

Runner's World v. Real Life

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In my life, there are two different worlds that collide on a day to day basis - the runner's world and then everything else, which I am going to nicely term, for lack of a better world, "real life."  As runners/athletes, we have a LOT going on.  Training takes a lot of time, energy and commitment.  We wake up early to get in runs, we refuse to stay out late to be fresh for our workouts and we schedule our lives around running.  Maybe you don't, maybe I am the only one. But for me I am constantly balancing my running committments and then everything else.

Since Aaron's injury, we have been running (well not running) around like crazy making sure to get him the care he needs.  I am stubborn, of course, and as I noted, an over-protective woman and am not letting him move more than he needs to.  But we have had to go to a ton of doctors and last night we got back from the Physical Therapists at ooo midnight, the perfect time for dinner right?  Between this and the fact that we had gotten up at 3 a.m. that day, I announced to Aaron that I was likely not going to be exercising tomorrow morning.  His response "thats life Steph!"

We set the alarm for 7 (see I really was not going to go to the gym), but my body woke up momentarily at 5:39 to be exact, so what did I do? Went to the gym of course! I had a schedule to keep to continue my training or lack thereof.  On the drive to the gym, I began to notice how tired I really was - having to blast the radio to keep myself fully aware.  When I got to the gym, I headed towards the elliptical, I was scheduled to do two 20 minute intervals fast and then weights.  Lets just say we got to just shy of 25 minutes and they were anything but fast and you better forget the weights. At this point, I did the only thing I could left the gym and called Aaron whining about how I was coming home and that I could not complete my workout.  He asked "why did you go anyway?"

Why did I go?  My answer was I thought I had it in me at the time.  Which I feel was true but was it really? Was I just pushing myself to get my training in despite the fact that I was so tired from the other demands life threw at me in the past few days.  Why was I so stubborn? Was this one training session really going to help me - more likely it was probably going to hurt!  But yet I went, I was determined that my real life responsibilities were not going to infringe on my running schedule.

But guess what?  Apparently things are not so black and white. Sometimes "life happens" and the run or workout you thought were going to have is just not going to happen!  Sometimes we are lucky and can juggle all the balls in the air at once, but sometimes not.  It is at this point when you have to ask yourself the question - what matters more?  You can't always have both!  Is it more important to get in your training or should you stay out late making sure your husband gets to the doctor?  On a lesser scale, do you suck it up and switch your morning run to evening because you have to be at work crazy early?  Sometimes these things are easy - of course I am going to get Aaron the help he needs first but sometimes it can be soo hard to put real life responsibilities first.  But you don't always have a choice.  I guess, what my ramblings of the day (please forgive me, lack of sleep) is trying to say is Sh*t Happens! Life is not always going to go my way and I can't always do what I want when I want it (although I clearly don't understand why) and this applies to running and everything.  So for today I am learning acceptance and flexibility. 

How do you all feel?  Am I the only one out here on a limb, join me please, leave a comment and help me wake up a bit!

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