Monday, July 25, 2011

Chased By Bugs - Cape Cod Part 2

So where we left off we were finally sleeping after a night of trying to find a cool, air conditioned place to relax!  After only a few hours of sleep, Aaron and I popped out of bed at the wonderful hour of 5 a.m. to kick out 8 miles, me on foot and him with his blades.  Minus the massive tiredness and humidity, I was excited to get going as I love running the Cape Cod Canal Trail.  I have only gotten to run it once, last summer, and have been itching (no pun on words, see below) to run it ever since.  So off we went.
It was crazy humid. Not too too hot but humid enough that I was gasping for air by mile one…great!  Let’s just say there were lots of water breaks and stops and tried to just go with it, non-judgmentally….hmmph…Anyway, we were going along as well as possible until about mile 2.50 when Aaron started noticing that there were a ton of bugs all around him.  In my running, humidity state I was not really sure what he was talking about. But then I saw it.  These yucky, brown looking small bugs were following him in a pack behind his back.  Some clung to him on his back, hair and arms and others just chased him.  I am going to throw up just thinking about this.  He tried to get them off and that is when we realized I was having the same issue. In true fashion, I started freaking out!  I  started running back and forth and screaming EWWWW EWWWW.  Lets get out of here.

It was so hot the camera lens fogged up, can you see me squirm in fear?
So we jumped off the trail and back onto the street, luckily Aaron is master of navigation.  Now one of the reasons I was looking forward to the trail was because it is relatively flat and since I have been dealing with the shoes hills did not seem wise.  Well whether or not I wanted it, here was this massive hill starring me in the face.  Well, I sure as hell was not getting back on the trail so up I went, what is one hill right? Oh, only if it was just one hill.  There was not a flat area in sight and for the rest of the run we went up and down, up and down.  I was actually fairly happy with my performance, only one scream and jump when I thought one of those bugs flew into my ear!

This was a small hill  

Look how happy I am - hmmm, doesn't everyone run with their eyes closed?
When we got back to the car we had about a little less than a mile to go so we ran around a shopping center.   Now the grown up thing to do would be to just run around in circles, but not me.  First we went through the Dunkins Donuts drive thru (which in my state of exhaustion and pain thought was a Burger King and was very confused why there was a line around the block at 6 am for BK).  Most of the people in line at D&D had their windows open, and what did I do - the only polite thing to do, I said hello, good morning, have a nice Aaron's dismay.  
The next drive-thru we went through was actually BK (I thought how strange, why are there two next door to each other hmm).  We rounded it once and I instructed politely asked Aaron to wait at the drive thru for me to circle to take a picture - the best picture ever btw double click to see the larger version, so worth your time!- it only cost me a bit of a rolled ankle (minor but painful a bit, I hope!)

With that our run was pretty much at an end.  I think we were being punished for having no traffic at rush hour on Friday. The run overall was faster than last week by two minutes but I am still stopping more than ever and the pain is still there.  I have new shoes coming but my PT wants me to give the Glycerins one last time.  

Afterwards we did the only thing natural, showered FOREVER and then took my aunt and uncle out for breakfast where I enjoyed a yummy blueberry muffin! Can't get better than that.  

 Aunt and Uncle - I am so jealous of my Aunt's tan!


Sunday I woke up with bug bites EVERYWHERE - scalp, arms, legs, neck, shoulders, ooo Calamine lotion how I love thee!
Anyone ever attacked on a run lol or have any shoe suggestions of the week?

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