Sunday, July 24, 2011

Escaping the Heat...Or Not

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and survived the sweaty long run of this summer heat.  If you missed my weekend posts while you were recovering from the heat check them out here:

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Friday my Aunt and Uncle came to visit from NJ.  I was so excited to have them and wanted to show them a good time.  Due to this little heat wave we have been experiencing, I had this genius idea for us to go to the Cape.  They have never been and Aaron's family has a beautiful Cape house.  How can you resist this?

And this?

And this?
The thought was Saturday we could escape the heat on the beach (oh and I could run in better weather on the Cape Cod Rail Trail).  Everything was going soo well!  We left at 5 p.m. meaning rush hour traffic and had NO traffic, none!! We sped down there (while abiding by the speed limit, of course) and made it in record time.  After some pizza, we headed to the house.  Aaron's father was there and we thought he knew we were coming, but there was a bit of miscommunication.  It was not until about 15 minutes before we arrived that he knew we were coming for sure (this was no one's fault but things just got screwed up).  In preparation for us coming, he went to put on the air condition in the upper bedrooms (where we would be staying the night).  And low and behold what happened?  It did not work.

Now, we are talking about 100 degrees in these rooms and the air is not working. Aaron's father is very religious and keeps the Sabbath.  That means once the Sabbath starts on Friday, he cannot do any work including fix the air or call someone to do so (not that anyone would be around at this time of night).  Aaron and his dad frantically tried to fix the air.  Aaron's dad was more than accommodating trying to help us and giving up his prepping for his holiday.  Finally, the air came on!! BUT, it was already 8:30 p.m. and it was not getting cold anytime soon. what?  We called Aaron's great aunt who also has a home on the Cape.  Mysteriously, she was not at her house on the Cape.  But we told her our predicament and she graciously offered her home.  Ok, we thought, lets go there and stay for the night.  And we packed ourselves up and drove over.  We got there, and the house was stifling.  We went looking for the air, only to find a little space air conditioner,  apparently this house did not have air either!!!  Now it is about 9 p.m. my aunt and uncle have been traveling ALL day and we are all very tired but can find no where to sleep.  So we decided to head back to the house and see if the place cooled down and IT HAD! a degree.

Aaron's dad suggested we go out for ice-cream and see if it goes down anymore.  Out we went again for ice cream.  My uncle asked for soft serve, and we knew just the place.  When we got there, I noticed they had fro yo (just liked Pinkyberry) and I got SO excited.  Until the server pointed to the sign, no fro today! :( Oh well, good thing soft serve is sooo yummy!

Ok icec ream done and bellies full, back to the house.  And guess what? The room had cooled again, we were now at 88 degrees...perfect for hot yoga!!!  We brought every fan upstairs and tried and tried, but it was just too hot and did not feel right putting my Aunt and Uncle through this.  We were all but ready to go back home making my Aunt and Uncle's trip total about 12 hours of driving for the day, when Aaron's dad and Aaron decided they would grab a bed carry it up from the basement and set in in the living room (where the air worked fine).  My Aunt and Uncle felt so bad and did not want to intrude.  But we insisted.  At this point, I felt soooo awful!!! So FINALLY they had a cool bed to sleep in and rest!! And Aaron and I sweated it out upstairs - no biggie, it actually got really cold in the middle of the night phew!!

I would like to say the rest of the weekend went smoothly on the Cape.  Well....hmmm, not so much.  Stay tuned tomorrow for my run - involving scary bugs, lots of screaming, too many hills,  multiple drive thrus, and ankle rolls..if you can imagine that!

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