Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dance Party Part II - The Video

A while back, I wrote this post about my dance parties on the elliptical!  I could not believe how many people loved this post, I thought it would actually be a flop!! One of the major comments was we want to see a video of your "dancing" on the elliptical!  Well, today was the day and to Aaron's dismay (he was extremely embarrassed that I made him take a video of me dancing at the gym!), I made him politely begged him to video me at the gym to meet all my "fans" requests. After all, how can you have your own dance party without seeing an example.  Well, here goes all the pride I have! Be easy on me this was an hour into my elliptical workout and I was kind of spent.  Also notice my BondiBand, just trying these outs and there will be a giveaway sooner or later on it!

Ok, so before I show this I have to say what I did not disclose in the last post about my dance parties, this is that I have NO rhythm.  In fact, Aaron tried to teach me to clap to the beat once, no luck.  My brother once told me to stop singing when I was kid. I whined to my mom, she agreed with my brother.  Now I have no clue how this happened because I dance based on what the song says but the second video is soooo off. Aaron says this is soooo I hope everyone enjoys this as I hang my head in shame.  As a bonus if you blast the volume on the first video you can hear me singing along to the song, it is Galway Girl by Mundy (my favorite, you know the P.S. I love you song!!)

Anyone else's significant others annoyed or embarrassed about their picture taking?  Anyone else up to dancing while working out?

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