Thursday, July 7, 2011

Stephanie's Slump....Makes Her Laugh??? Can you help?

I know that is the weirdest title ever but I wanted to use all of these titles in some respect so thought I would combine them, why not?

So, I have a bit of a story to tell, which some of you know bits and pieces of and as avid amazing runners maybe you gurus can help me figure out what is going on, because I have NO clue and thus have no choice, but to cry, yell, pout, stomp up the stairs laugh.  As you all know by now (because I like to tell everyone who will listen), this is me a few weeks ago

I was on top of the world, ok, mellow dramatic, but it was really exciting for me to place in a race :)  After the race, I relaxed, I had a really easy week of exercise (even though the race was only five miles) and in the meantime dealt with shoe problem after problem, no shoe would work for me!!!

Everyone said something different to me, planta facitis, the wrong type of shoes etc. Maybe it is a combo?  It is clear that I am battling with mild planta facitis.  While the shoe store thinks I have been running in the wrong shoes for three years contributing to IT Band pain, my PT does not think so, he has said they were structurally ok for me and so is the more neutral shoe with an orthodic that the shoe store set me up with.
I don't know. I know I have planta facitis (because I can feel it!) and I know my IT Band has not hurt that much since I have gotten the new shoes, so who knows. But the PT usually knows best!

So what's the problem you ask? Shouldn't everything be fine and dandy now? Well, yes, but then if you answered yes you do not know how I have the ability to add complexities to my running or lack there of because lately my running has become more of a "run/walk/fix shoes" type of ordeal.

It all started when I finally got these new beautiful Brooks, I love them (well actually it started before then and note GIVEAWAY next week for these awesome shoes!), but my planta facitis was still bothering me a bit but in the top of my foot and heel. Why? Likely the orthodic, while very helpful, raised my foot and I tied my shoes too tight = pain = Aaron to the rescue. We tried many, a many tying methods for help (in my Giveaway I will go into detail) to finally get a tying method that seems to work (fingers crossed). But it has meant a lot of shoe tying issues = running, stopping, retying, running, relacing, trying to make the shoe tight enough (I like my shoes tight, and it is hard to make them looser to help me run pain free. Trying to find what works for me is exhausting and frustrating. But like I said, I think we have it, tightness without top of the foot pain, score!

You still with me?

So what then is the problem NOW you ask? Well, my running.  Remember back in the good old days (a month ago), when I was running 7:30 - 8:00 min. pace. Well...last week I went to a running group. I told them that my pace was 7:30-8:00, uhhh apparently not. Apparently, my pace is now a 10:00 min. mile with 4 stops in 9 miles.  I have no problem with different times and speeds, but the change in times and speeds here is HUGE.  I felt like I had never run before and was soooo sore.  The next day, my recovery ellitipical day, again, no good, could not get myself going faster than 150 strides per min, as opposed to my normal 160-170s..eeek!!  My 3 miles on Tuesday was faster but a major struggle for three miles.  And yesterday, on the leg press, with NO weights, my leg shook like never before!!!!
Hmmm, what can this be now??

1) The shoes - I think so, PT says no, no
2) Dehydration - Nutritionist says no, I am very well hydrated
3) Fuel - I am very good at that, trust me!
4) Sleep - 8-9 hrs a night!!
5) Rest/Overtraining - my training schedule is 15 miles a week right now at most
6) Iron - tested and perfect
7) Yoga in a heated, but not hot yoga, room - Trainer says no way, other coaches say yes
8) Loose laces - ran with them tight the other day

Hmph, hmph, hmph. PT's prescription - 2 rest days and 4 miles on Saturday as if I was running a race for the last three.

But, I would love to hear from all of you on the front lines! What do you think it is? Am I in a running funk? Has this ever happened to you?

Meanwhile stay tuned for my giveaway up this weekend/next week!!

Quick add on, guess what DC folks, I am coming to visit - Sept. 2 -5th YAY! Can I twist anyone's arm for a run, meet up, or housing lol

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