Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Sounds of Nature I Love to Listen to When I Run

I have a friend who runs unplugged. He loves to tell us all through Facebook about his running adventures and all the wonderful sounds of nature that he hears as he continues his run. 

I hear these sounds too, but I think mine and his are a bit different... here we go.

Sound Number 1:  Comes around o say Mile 1 (of a speed work out) all of a sudden I start to hear something.  I can't make it out at first, it just sounds almost like a strong burst of wind maybe some angry trees.  As I continue, the sound gets louder.  That is when I is me huffing and puffing up a storm.  Go figure - that is Sound Number 1.

Sound Number 2: is this sweet melody that sways in the breeze screeching pitch, what is that I cry?  A cheetah perhaps? An angry little dog running after me? Nope, Sound Number 2 is just me "singing" along to the music.

Sound Number 3: the battle cries of nature - animals in the distance - in other words me telling myself "Come on" "Come on" "almost there" "Dig Deep."

Sound Number 4:  is that the chirping of the birds? Nope Sound Number 4 is just me WHINING and saying "I can't do this"  and Aaron telling me I CAN!

Sound Number 5: This is my favorite sound in nature - it is the end of the run sound where cheers and appaulse escape from out of nowhere.  Today, I did 3 miles in 22:32 (my fastest in awhile) the sounds of nature went something like the usual way they go: "OMG" "need to sit" "water, water" "OMG" "going to throw up" "i knew I should not have eaten so much."

And those are my Sounds of Nature! Don't even get me started on the smells!!

Tell me what your sounds and smells are!

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