Friday, July 22, 2011

Top Reasons You Know You Are Training for a Marathon

Well, it is official, 100 days until, *gulp*, my FIRST MARATHON.  Marine Corps here I come!!! Oh dear, what have I gotten myself into!  In honor of 100 days (if u r reading this and my counter to your right says 101 just wait it will change later today I promise), I thought I would give you some tal ltell signs that make you know for sure that you are running for a marathon.  I am starting the list on my blog but to see my full list head on over to Angela's Blog at MyPinkyToes to see the rest of the list.

So without further ado,

20) You eat more calories than Michael Phelps on a good day! 

Ice-cream is the way to fuel right?
My fridge - supplied with enough food for two

19) Your idea of a good beverage on a Friday (prior to a long run) is water, orange juice, or Gatorade.

18) When your friends call you to go to the beach on Saturday at noon, you are passed out on the couch covered in salt, surrounded by icepacks, foam roller, and PB.

17) Sleeping late is 6 a.m., after all those 5 a.m. wake-ups that is all you can manage on a rest day.

16) is your number choice of websites.

15) You get mad at when it says Saturday at 6 a.m. it will be 68 degrees out and then it turns out to be 71. 

14) Your best friends are your iPod and your Garmin.

13) You fight with your Garmin  when it says you did 8 miles in 1:00:02 and you could have sworn you stopped the damn thing at 59:59:59.

12) You have more sneakers and running outfits than regular shoes and work clothes. 

11) Your diet is made up of LunaBars, Shotblocks and Peanut Butter, of course.

For the final 10 head over to Angela's blog.

Now its your turn, you know you are training for 26.2 when....

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