Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bondi Band Giveaway!

Whoever said all you need to go running is a pair of running shoes and the open road, clearly had never met me.  Apparently, if I find a hobby, I clearly find a need to accessorize it between my Garmin (that may apparently be DEAD oh no!), my iPod shuffle, and my running clothes it takes me a good amount of time to get suited up and ready to go out for a run.   Luckily, I am not alone.  Many others share my need to have all the "necessary" add ons when going out for a run.

Most recently, I have noticed people wearing these "head bands" as I perceived them on their runs. I have to admit, I was not interested in them, at first, for function but rather to add to my "running attire."  What better than to complete my outfit than a band that says "Will Run for Icecream." (I promise, some of this is in jest, I really use this stuff for function...sort of...).  So as soon as I saw these, I could not wait to get my hands on them.

Bondi Bands was nice enough to allow me to try out a pair for review as well as one to giveaway - does not get much better than that in my book!  They asked me to browse their website and find the one that was right for me.  I did not see one that said "I Will Run for Icecream"  but they were nice enough to make one for me. I also did not see one that said "I Will Run for Wine" and guess what, they made it for me too (good news for you all!)

Can you catch the Band in this one? I could not resist reposting my now favorite picture ever! 

I know the best picture ever of me right?

Ok some better pictures!

As soon as I got the bands,  I could not wait to try mine out.  I was actually a bit concerned - would it slip? Would it annoy the back of my ear?  Would they be hot and uncomfortable? To be safe,  I do what I always do when trying out new equipment and gave it a spin on the elliptical first.  Check everything seemed to go well - so off I went for the run.  And here is what I found out.

1) Clearly completes my race day attire
2) (more importantly) keeps the hair out of my eyes
3) keeps the sweat out of my eyes
4) does not irritate the back of my neck or ears
5) does not feel hot or annoying with the band on while I run!

I only really have one con,  it is not that the band moves around a bit but that I sort of keep adjusting it.  Maybe it does slip a little here or there but I do find myself playing with it.  Now, this is a big CON for me and I thought that it pretty much ended my career in Bondi Bands. But then I went on a run without it and I missed it sooo much.  It really did help me with sweat and the hair in the eyes syndromes.  The next time I was back at it with my Bondi Band and with this heat, boy was I happy to have it.

So there you have it, short and sweet this one.  I know this is not the biggest giveaway on the books but let me tell you these things are worth it so here is how to enter to win the "will run for wine" bondi band:

Giveaway Entry
1) Be a follower of this blog (mandatory!)
2) Tweet, I want to win a BondiBand at or something to that affect
3) Go to BondiBand's FB Page Like them and tell them I sent you
4) Send me any advice on what to do with a dying Garmin or if you ever had that experience

As always, one comment per entry please!  This giveaway will be open until next Thursday August 4th (August already? 10 days from the 4th is Falmouth!!).  Enjoy :) 

P.S. Want extra chances to win a different type of headband check out Nurse on the Run's giveaway - great minds think alike!

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