Friday, June 24, 2011

Dance Party

Now I consider it a little ironic that I had a whole post on how nerve racking it is for me to bare it all on the elliptical and yet my other elliptical habits are really the ones to take note of.  It is those habits that people would be more apt to stop and stare at it, if you ask me.

The other day, Hungry Runner Girl posted her tips on how to keep entertained on the elliptical because it is by far the most boring of boring endeavors and while her ideas are stellar, it is not what I do most of the time (although I did use a few of them the other day, thanks lady!).  Instead, most of the time, on the elliptical I choose to have my own little dance party. Yup, you heard me, a dance party! With who you ask? Well, with me, who else of course? Oh yea, my iPod shuffle as well, can't forget that guy (although I sometimes do and he tumbles through the wash!).  And what are the results: I pass the time, have a blast, and the minutes fly by...well almost..seriously I am not a miracle worker

So what does a dance party on the elliptical entail?  Well, it is very simple to have your own dance party on the dreaded but very useful cross trainer, just follow these steps:

1) Get on the elliptical
2) Turn on your music - up high and drown out everything else.  I personally prefer a number of songs but my favorite dance party elliptical moves come from Gallaway Girl, Put Your Heads up in the Air, DJ got us falling in love again and  hmm pretty much anything else that it is easy to think up silly motions to
3) and finally pretty much just go to it and think up ridiculous hand movements.  I am serious - Put Your Heads up in the Air is pretty easy because well put your heads in the air...I am no great dancer as you can tell...

So yes, I am publicly admitting that I tend to make various weird hand motions throughout my workout on the elliptical.  But hey, it really pumps me and keeps me moving.  I really actually push harder and go faster while doing this, but I would say I do get the occasional stare (more so then with wearing a sports bra).  But to these stares, I say bring them on!  I really enjoy rocking out on the elliptical and getting an awesome sweaty workout in.   So what the hell? It IS MY workout, right? I pay good money to rock out on the elliptical.

Have any of your rocked out on the elliptical or am I the only dork?  Any good songs to choose from? 

Well, in shoe news, still not so good, the massive amounts of shoes I bought last weekend, I returned Tuesday :( I really wanted them to work, but no go.  Apparently, the heel cup of the shoe was no good for me.  And the shoes I bought on Tuesday, Brooks Glycerins, which seem great, I am still getting pain in the heel from and of course now I can't tell if that is pain from the shoes or residual from the previous shoes...and so my shoe saga continues :(

On one last note, I am trying to do a lot of beautification updates to the blog so sorry for wacky changes here and there, but I did finally figure out how to get the Twitter Button going, so please do follow me :)

Here's to a rainy Friday and a hopefully sunnier weekend!!


  1. your so creative with your workout! Dance dance I will go! hehe.

  2. Hahaha, this is hilarious. I usually try to keep my gym dancing on the DL, but it sometimes slips out;). I do it a lot when I am running outside and listening to really upbeat music, though. But the last few times I've been at the gym I was next to some REALLY crazy treadmill/elliptical dancers...that was a great way to keep myself entertained during my workout! They were hilarious.