Monday, August 29, 2011

What a Difference a Year Makes

If you told me last year on this day, that I would be where I am today, I would not believe you.  In fact, I would pretty much laugh at you.  But here I am and in comparison to a year ago, today I am more alive, happier and healthier than I have been in a long time!

I have thought about many ways to go with this post but we are going to go with the blog vagueness and keep you all guessing (but do you really care that much?!?) What I can say is that for many reasons as of one year and a day ago I thought I was going to run Marine Corps Marathon. In fact, I had the whole training plan set and ready to go.  Then, last year today happened.  For many reasons,  I was told that I could not run my marathon. It was not my marathon and I had to give it up.  I would not listen, I did not want to hear it.  And for the first few days I still thought I could do it but it quickly became apparent that I could not.  In fact, not only could I not run my marathon, I was not allowed to work out at all.  Not one bit.  Even a small hike through the woods was questionable.    I was required to do this for 8 weeks.  8 weeks of NO exercise whatsoever, no PT, no rehab, no nothing!  Hold your gasps here!

This was an extremely difficult thing for me to accept and process at first.  It took a long time for me to accept and get to the point where I could do it. But then something miraculous happened, I did it, I accepted it.   And things got better.   I tell you all this, partly for myself (yes I am being selfish) because this is a pretty big one year milestone for me and partly for you all to give you hope because I know a lot of us out there have so many "fun" injuries and other reasons why training has to take a back seat.  Because now one year later, I am training for MY marathon.  I did what I needed to do last year and while it was hard, I am back.  And I know it seems like never ending when you are injured but you WILL get through it if you follow your treatment plan and stick to it.

In the meantime, enjoy life.  That's what I did!  All the lack of training time, became trips to see leaves, movies with the husband, fairs, shows, and shopping!!! I know it is hard to believe but when you have to, there is life without running.

So today I look back and ultimately am trying to be grateful.  Grateful that I listened. Grateful that I have supportive people in my life who coached me through lack of running.  Grateful I did what I had to do and can be here today working towards my training plan and if I can't make it and something happens I know what a wise woman once told me "there is always another race."

Thanks for listening today, I appreciate it!  And to all those injured or taking time off, try to appreciate it. It can be a happy special time if you let it and makes getting back it all the better!

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