Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Top Ten Tips for Avoiding the Injury Blues

Thank you everyone for your comments on yesterday's post.  I am glad to hear that I am not alone but sorry that so many people are also struggling.  But we will perservere.   But as we try to perserve the fact is we are still dealing with an injury.  This may mean we are in pain or that we can't run as much or we can't run at all!  And there is no way of escaping the major suck factor of this situation. I know to others it may not seem like a big deal, but to us it is a BIG deal.  And it seems like this situation will never end, no matter how hard we try or what we do, we say, why is it always us that gets injured? We practice "safe" running techniques.  We do what we are supposed to do, so why is it always us...are you with me? Sound familiar?  So I thought I would empart on you all my tips of trade in beating the injury blues.  None of these are revolutionary but they are things I try to do it to keep me upbeat and get me through the day while dealing with my "shoe problem"

10)  Make a plan and stick to it  Once you are injured, there IS something you can do about it.  Instead of denying it, instead of just saying you will take a few days off and everything will be ok.  Take action.  Why else do we have these wonderful Type A personalities?  Call your doctor, get yourself to PT and get better.  You are not going to get better sitting on the coach, get going!

9)  Radical Acceptance  Once you have made a plan and have begun to implement it, you need to LET IT GO (the injury blues that is) I mean it!!! You are doing what you can do and that is it!  As you sit sulking in the corner life is passing you by!  You are going to get better because you ARE doing the right things.  So just let it be, for the love of G-d (ok, I am saying this and I am, I admit, 100% guilty of not abiding by my own laws).

8) Icecream and PS I love you If I need to say more on this one, I feel bad for you (just kidding).  Clearly icecream solves everything but even more so nothing solves a problem like crying for two straight hours while watching a handsome man with an accent sing his way into another woman's heart.  Yes please!

7)  Sleep In  Once you have drowned yourself in your sorrows and icecream, treat yourself. Sleep in or do something that you can never do while you are training.  There are many a mornings we all bitch and moan about the 4 a.m. wakeups.  Well, guess what?  This is your chance, you actually have an excuse so USE IT!! Enjoy it, and don't even think about complaining again when you are back at it (and you WILL be back at it)

6) This is Not Forever  Repeat this phrase, make it one of your mantras.  Hang it over your bathroom mirror if you have to because the truth is, this is NOT forever.  Things WILL get better.  You just have to be patient (again something I am not so great at) but seriously, I promise things will improve and you will be back at it in no time!

5) Try something else  Ok so we can't run, but what else can we do - that is PT approved, of course.  Don't ever let anyone tell you that the elliptical machine is for sissies.  That thing can give you a run for your money.  No elliptical, aqua therpy?  Do what you can do just in that moment to make you feel good.

4) Phone A Friend (particularly a running buddy)  Us running buddies, get it.  We get what you are going through.  We won't minimize it by telling you it is not that big of deal or to just give up.  We will listen, we will give you big hugs, and lots of encouragement and advice.  What else are friends (or blogger buddies) for?

3) Snuggle with your honeybear and if you don't have a honeybear, a stuffed one will do  Well if all else fails, what else can you do but have a down right good cuddle session, nothing beats cuddles, expect maybe a "Cuddle and Rubble Session" as I have coined it.  Anytime I am upset, I kindly ask my husband plead with my husband and make as cute of face as possible and ask for a "Cuddle Rubble Session" a.k.a cuddling and a massage for me.

2) Take a vacation So a real vacation would be awesome but if you can't do that just take a mini vacation.  Allow yourself to forget your injury.  For me, this is not wearing my sneakers out and about.  If I wear sandles, my feet don't hurt and I therefore think about my injury less.  What can you do?  Does it mean lying or sitting down as that causes you less pain or maybe a warm bath (or a very cold one - watch out for frost bite though).

1) Never give up, never surrender Number 1 piece of advice, keep the mantra alive.  We will get through this.  We have done it before and we will, we must do it again!

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