Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Needing Answers!

Thanks so much for everyone's input yesterday.  Who would have thought? Run slower to get faster.  So the update is as follows, I headed to my PT/coach today and quickly pronounced "am I suppose to be running my long runs slow, because I am not?!?!" Now my coach is kind of like this wise sage of a man who is always thinking but you don't always get a full story.  He gives you what you need and leads you on your way but it is your journey and some things you have to figure out on your own.  So I was considerably worried that he would just say keep at it.  Instead, he said something along the lines of they should be slower and then asked me to write out all my times in the last month and he would help calculate some paces. YAYYY! Answers! I am an answers girl. In law school, I always wanted the answer.  If you ever went to law school, you know this is a problem because there really is no ONE answer.  So I waited patiently eagerly for my times.  But this law school graduate should have known better.  My coach is very busy man and has all these other patients to treat, it was pretty clear there would be no times today.  I asked him what should I do for Saturday - should I go fast, slow, slow than fast?!? What, I NEED answers.  And in his wise sage like manner he told me to "do my best."  Doesn't he know that I NEED that ONE answer.  Seriously?!?! I guess I am back to the drawing board.  Again, I have to realize running like life is not always a specific plan and today, tomorrow and Saturday I am going to just to have to go with it and trust the process.

In other news,  yesterday when I was running I noticed soreness/sort of pain right below my right knee, technically the very top of my post anterior fibula - at least i think that is what it is.  I hate this part about running the decision of whether this pain is a problem or just one of those minor hiccups.  The decision was made to rock the compression socks to bed and ask the PT in the morning.  Who said "did you fall in a pothole?"  "No" I responded.  "No worries" he remarked (ok he did not say no worries, but you get the idea).  Showed me the stretch which he noted I knew and sent me on my way.  Today it has been pretty good and I just iced but the pain is back again. More stretching and more ice and socks I guess.

Any of you ever  deal with this?  A lot of times over my running career I will have those make or break injuries and sometimes just those aches and pains that go away in a few days, but it is so hard to tell which is what.  How do I know? I just want all the answers...clearly I was not meant to be a lawyer.  I guess, once again, it is a process.

Ultimately, got to run. My husband just made and cleaned up from a wonderful dinner and has offered to give me a back massage. I love you all but honestly, I pick that over writing my blog any day.  Sorry! Have a wonderful night!

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