Saturday, August 13, 2011

Blister Blues - Advice Please!

I think everyone thought the title of my post from yesterday was quite misleading because I had way more views than normal, or maybe you all just love me that much... I hope.  Either way, I could use some help with this wonderful topic - blisters.  We all get them (or at least I think I am not the only one), we all have to deal with them.  But now, less than 48 hours before Falmouth Road Race, the question is what to do about them?

Let me explain further, last week on my long run, I was the "fortunate" recipient of a nice wonderful blister on the back of my right foot, right above the heel/ankle area to be exact. I have to say, I was not surprised in the least.  Every time I have new Brooks, at least one of the heels needs breaking into.  It always feels like the back of the heel is rubbing into me.   So I cover it with a band aide and moleskin and in about two weeks the feeling goes away.

So thats what I have been doing for the past week and no problems.  Except today when it seems like the moleskin is starting to irritate my skin - go figures.  And not just irritate, down right painful!  So now the question becomes what to do for Falmouth?

Do I put on the moleskin on and hope that it does not hurt my skin and protect me from blisters or do I go without the moleskin and hope that I don't blister up again and have pain in my heel?  I am just not sure what to do.  I am certain I am crazy and no one ever has these issues - but I would love to hear from you! Any advice, thoughts?

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