Sunday, August 21, 2011

Dude Where's My Car?

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So for those of you who you are stopping by for the first time, welcome!! I am so glad you did and hope you enjoy (oh yea, I love comments so let me know you were here.)  Meanwhile, just some real quick background.  My name is Stephanie and I live in MA with my husband, Aaron.  We are enjoying recovering from law school while having the time of our lives  :) :).  Oh yea, btw I like to run.  I have been running for the past few years but have just discovered the running/blogging community and how much fun it really is to run with others. My goal is to complete a marathon and have fun doing it by running with friends. So far I have had the pleasure of running with amazing people and having a great time.

Anyway, on to today's crazy update on our car situation.  So as you may know, we have been having a little car trouble.  In fact we drove our car 7 hours home and then realized ooo the transmission is shot.  RIP car.  Aaron has had that car since he started driving.  I however have had about 4 or 5 cars already, I am not sure what exactly that says about my driving but I promise I am a safe driver, really! Anyway,  the car issues continued yesterday when Mary and I from SistersRunningtheKitchen (if you don't read this blog, you really should, she is amazing as well as her sister, they both are awesome chefs and so much fun to read about)  went to find our parked car.

So we are ready to leave from our day out and we go to the parking garage which we thought we parked at to the level we thought we put the car, but it was not there.  At first, we laughed and starting going up and down the rows.  But no luck, we could not find the car.  We then began to doubt ourselves, was this really the garage we parked out maybe not?  So back down out of the garage we went as we tried to determine whether this was really the right garage. Looking around, we determined it was and decided to walk right up the ramp where the cars enter the garage and see if we could retrace our steps.  Up we went, level 2, 3, and 4.  No luck, no car.  Now we started to get worried.  We started even thinking about whether the car was stolen.  Eekk!!  So back down we went to see if we went in the wrong entrance. I thought I found the right entrance and pointed it out to Mary, she said that was the one we just came up, uhhh ooops?

At this point, I questioned to Mary whether maybe the car had actually been stolen and we considered this a true possibility.  Ooo did I mention that we did not have the ticket to the garage so we were still not even sure this was the right garage - not so smart.  The last thing we could thing to do was ask the attendant so thats what we did. We think he said something to the nature of look to your left over there.  We were so confused, we could not really understand what he said but we went to the left, and of course there was the car!  We were veryyyy confused.    But the attendant was very nice and said it happens to everyone or something of that effect.  We think that there were two sides to the parking garages and we were just on the wrong one?  I promise, I am smart.  We kept saying we went to grad school lol.  My husband was besides himself. oh dear.

Meanwhile back on the homefront we got into our car this morning and wouldn't you know it...yup, the check engine light came on and low oil.  Back to the mechanic we go....we will see what happens, oh dear!!

What did everyone do this weekend? Ever get lost in a parking garage (unfortunately I have too many times)?  Hope everyone had a great weekend

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