Monday, August 8, 2011


Today, 7:03 is my new favorite number. 7:03 - I kind of like the sound of that!  Why you might ask? Because 7:03 is the last mile I ran today.  I did mile repeats - 4 to be exact, coming in at 7:53, 7:30, 7:19 and yes, thats right 7:03.  This one mile totally made my day and put a smile on my face.  It is not every day that I can bang out a 7:03 mile, in fact this is the only day I ever had.  Since I have been injured or something of the sort, low 7s have not been in the cards. It is a nice, small victory to have a great sweatfest and speedy workout.  So if I am being is actually a pretty BIG victory for!!  Following the 4 mile repeats, I thought I was done for the day, the PT told me otherwise and kept me pushing with some intense stairmaster and elliptical speed workouts.  I was exhausted.  It was AMAZING.

What did I learn today?

I learned that I can push my body further than I thought.
I learned that, despite some pain, the Trance 9s with Launch inserts will always be the shoes for me (and just bought 4 pairs hah, yes 4; there was a big sale, don't judge me!). 
I learned that I have NO pain (or pretty much no pain) on the treadmill...hmmmm... 
As my PT says, I learned that 6:59 IS in the cards for me.

So I am still exhausted and have been going nonstop since 5 am.  That's it for tonight.  What did you all learn today?

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