Thursday, August 11, 2011

The New Addition to Our Family

So I know you are all expecting me to break some big news here or whip out some cute pictures of puppies and while I would love to say that is the case, that is NOT the new addition to our family.  But I just might be just as excited for this addition which arrived Tuesday.....

We found an ad for this puppy on Craigslist and knew we needed to give it a good home, it is the least we could do right? Someone had to take it...why not us? So when I came home Tuesday, I found this on our kitchen floor....

That's right folks, my very own our very own elliptical.  Just like the ones at PT.  This means no more trips to the gym to wait in line for my machine. A potential full extra hour of sleep everyday!  The ability to actually watch tv while I work out.  Saving on gas and miles.  And more time in the mornings to putz around.  I am ecstatic about our addition to our family.

We did however have to get it all the way up to the third floor! Not so easy....we called in the men (tempting them with pizza) and up they went (thanks to Aaron and Ted!)

Once it was upstairs, I was called to take a look..I tried to contain my excitement....
 Here I come...


 Full workout gear!

I will love you always!


Aaron tried it out too.  It was a close call with the ceiling, here is where it pays to be short!

We are currently working on a brother or sister for this new baby - a treadmill - what else of course?

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