Sunday, August 28, 2011

My Weekend of Firsts

Well, the hurricane has all but come and gone and we are not too much worse for the wear (how did everyone else weather the storm, hope everyone is ok!)....except maybe extremely tired.  I am having hard typing this post because at the late hour of 5:45 p.m. I am ready to go to bed.  So lets see what I can come up with....

A Weekend of Firsts

1) 13.1 I accomplished my first ever 13.1 on my own and for this training cycle.  Just me, myself, and my book on tape hit the road early Saturday morning.  Overall, it went pretty well.  Not perfect but I did it and was gassed at the end and could barely get myself the last two miles....totaled a 8:40 pace, maybe it was too fast?!?   Not sure if that was the right pace considering all my pace jitters but I will let it roll and hopefully the PT will have some answers for me soon!  Worst thing about the run was a fresh black toenail and I felt it the whole way.  I don't know why this one appeared when it has not been a problem before but not really sure what to do about it now.  Any advice?  

2)  Ice Bath Ok actually this is my second attempt at the ice bath and sort of my second fail.  I don't know I tried and I got a bag of ice but the water still was not cold enough! I pleaded with Aaron to bring me some more and he did, dumping half of the ice container from the freezer into my bath...yet still think that since our water does not get to cold it was not cold enough.  I guess I should not be complaining.  Any suggestions? More ice dummy, I know you are thinking it!

3)  S'mores Pie  I made a S'mores Pie for my friend's pre-wedding night party and it was amazing. Thanks Mary! Apparently it was the talk of the wedding (see below)!!  It was sooo good.  Aaron has been doing all the cooking so I have been feeling pretty bad lately and unworthy of my kitchen.  This snapped me out of it.

4)  Fell asleep at a bar  After our wedding party we went to a friend's birthday party in Boston.  Now mind you I go to bed at 9 p.m. and I have not been making that bed time lately.  So while at the bar I took a 30 min cat nap.

5) Cried on the elliptical   Yes, Hood to Coast is amazing and inspirational but it might be too much so on the elliptical

6) Slept 3 hours  I only got three hours sleep last night, thus the sleepiness

7)  Played Wedding  Ok so I have this little secret, or not so secret obsession, with weddings and my good friend got married today.  I was so honored to be able to help her get ready and wait on her like the beautiful princess she was and is.  I still think wedding planning is a second career for me, more on that later.
 Saying blessings before the ceremony

 Just married!

 Hubby treated me to the new dress, he thought to add the flower

The bride and I

Well all thats about all I can put out in something hopefully that makes logical sense.

Can't wait to hear how your weekends went!  Any advice for me, seems like I need it today!

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