Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Age Old Debate - the Best Pizza Place Ever

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In the meantime, still here in NJ - if you want to find me look at the pizza places.  Since I have been here we have through three pizzas at two different places already.  My husband is a growing boy!!  But I can't even blame him, I love love love pizza.  I can pretty live off of it (my nutritionist encourages it) and there are so many varieties to choose from - NY/NJ style, home-made, flatbread, wood-oven, name it.  There is then the age old debate of which is the best pizza.  I engage in such a debate often and ultimately just conclude that everywhere is a different place whether it be at the Cape, in Boston So I had to share with you at least one experience like no others - Spirito's in Elizabeth, NJ.

Since I was a little kid, I have been going to Spirito's and this place has been around a lot longer than me.  In fact, it dates back to 1932.   And I have to say I think the waitresses have been around that long as well.  The cash register is just as old as well as their menus and waitering system.  Across the kitchen swinging doors, they have light bulbs with numbers for each bulb.  Each waitress is assigned a light bulb and it lights up when your pizza is ready.

The menu - has not changed since forever 
But it was a bit cheaper back then

Enter through the "Yes"

Don't expect credit cards here, see the original owners in the background
Check out this dude on top of the door!

And what a pizza it is.  Combine that with a garlic salad and some bread (for butter you have to bring your own) and it is pure bliss.  If you want wine or beer, they have that too but expect to have it in a small water glass.

My daddy :) :)
  So every time, I am home, needless to say we go there and order a garlic salad and two pizzas staggered (one pizza to eat there and one to take home, which hardly ever makes it the car ride).  Of course it is a bit more expensive then 1932, but my father treats us graciously. Thanks Dad!  We wanted to have pizza on Sunday when we came home and my dad trekked through a flood to get it to only find out it was closed.  Aaron, in the end, was sad but happy because he did not want to miss the whole experience of bringing your own butter, ordering a pitcher of water, sit in a cramped wooden booth, and eating as much pizza as one can handle.

Even Aaron puts up with the cramped booths for Spirito's

All in all, this is by far one of the best pizzas I have ever had.  The perfect combo of sauce and cheese as Dad would say.  No link here you just got to go out and try this one for yourself.

Tell me do you have a pizza place to rival mine?

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