Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I (Sadly) did NOT run Hood to Coast - sigh :(

So if other bloggers are as excited creepy as me you have been stalking bloggers websites that ran Hood to Coast this weekend with Nuun.  In fact, in order to prepare for this I spent the last two work out sessions watching the Hood to Coast DVD and crying my eyes out (note: it is perfectly ok to run and elliptical while crying, it is motivating no?).  So after a lot of blog reading and movie watching, I am officially OBSESSED with the idea of relays and NEED to do one (seriously, life depends on this one)!!!

Ok, confession time, I have never run a relay. In fact, even worse, I gave up my spot on a relay last year for a number of reasons.  If I am being honest, I kind of whimped out - I was really nervous about my neck which has been really painful for the past year and what running all night and being in a van would do to it and I was also pretty injured from trying to run back to back (but don't worry, I did not leave them with no one, they had a back up, so I do not feel that bad).  But now, looking back on it, I wished I had sucked it up (although it was probably the right decision at the time).  At this point however, I want to experience the amazing, awesomeness that comes from running a relay.  In fact, I officially have relay fever and have never even gotten off the ground on this so to speak.

So now what?!? Well, clearly I NEED, MUST, WANT to run one of these puppies. And not just with anyone of course I would love to run with  you fellow bloggers. But I have no idea about which relays are the good, the bad, and the ugly (maybe the ugly are the best ones though, lol, you never know!) Can you all help?  What relay do I choose?

Now there are things to consider about choosing a relay.  First off, October, November, and December are pretty packed right now. Marines Corps is on the horizon as well as an 18 miler run on LBI, and Vegas Half - plus I hope to be spectating with some fine ladies at the New York Marathon and running some miles during the Philly Marathon!! Soo yes, not only do I have relay fever, I clearly can't get enough of marathons. P.S. let me know if you will be at any of these and need spectating support, running support, or want to meet up! I am always game.

Looking at the calendar, my guess is a relay chance won't come up again until next Spring? I don't even know when these relays are but I am pretty sure they are not in the winter, logistics wise, unless they are somewhere warmer than the things to consider when you make recommendations.

But once you have thoughts on what to choose as the relay of choice, let me know, would you run it? I am apparently going to need 11 teammates here...Come on all, I know you all have relay fever too!!!

PS How do I get my hands on awesome Team Sparkle skirts to run in (ok I know I am totally a relay groupie/junkie. Whatever. I am PROUD of it lol)

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