Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Reality Check

Yesterday, I spoke about how it is has taken me a year, if not years to get to this point where I am actually training for a marathon! I know for  many of you this is old hat, but for me it is a pretty BIG deal.  And so Monday morning I got a little bit of a huge reality check.  I sat down with the PT/Coach to iron out the details and really get this ball rolling for training.

His remark, “Now you are really going to work, not that you have not been working so far but now you are really going to WORK!” 

He wrote up my schedule from now until pretty much taper time, my reaction oooh F**K I am really going to run a marathon.  This only further hit home when I realized 15 miles are on tap for this weekend.  Luckily, I will hopefully be getting to run it with some wonderful ladies in an exchange sort of way in which I run some miles with some people and other miles with others, because apparently I have gotten to the point when one of my runs can equal two runs!  Ooo, gosh what have I gotten myself into?!?!? Actually, I can't be more excited, but if I am being completely honest also extremely scared and nervous as well, but BRING IT ON!

Looking at my schedule for the next few weeks, it is chuck full of marathon training.  When the coach handed me the schedule, I was like where are the rest days, his remark, there are SOME rest days in there…uhh...compared to my 1-2 day a week rest day schedule this looks jammed pack.  I worry about what seems like lack of rest days but I trust him completely and will go with the flow.  On tap for yesterday was 15 mins elliptical all out, 1 mile run, and 15 mins elliptical.  I have to say I rocked it (not to be bashful or anything) in my new home personal gym while watching Hood to Coast (maybe a hard-core inspirational movie that makes you cry during a workout is just what I need to be inspired) coming in with my fastest mile yet – 6:49!!  I am not sure whether I am more excited about the time or the fact that I am now the proud owner of an elliptical and a treadmill (and this treadmill is crazy amazing, and deserves its own post)!

Tomorrow 4 mile repeats.  It has been a while, actually never, since I have done these, any suggestions on where you all like to do mile repeats – treadmill, track, on the open road?  Part of me thinks treadmill because it forces me to maintain speed and is crazy convenient and has built in iPod capabilities and an awesome fan that actually works!  But the track also seems to make sense too plus I have to enjoy the potential fall weather while I can!  Treadmill?

While I am on the advice track, I got my next CSA share (which I never talk about on here but that is neither here nor there) and we have tons of great veggies especially eggplant my favorite.  I am trying to think of new recipes for eggplant besides grilled veggie sandwiches and parmesan, any good ones out there?

Finally, with 15 for this weekend I am sooo nervous about carrying the things I need – water, band aides (necessity) and chomps.  I can’t carry thinks in my hands or on back because of my shoulders and the belt just seems like it would be annoying and cause back pain..Any thoughts/opinions?

Ok, short and sweet post for today lovelies.  Tell me how your training is going and if you are psyched or actually very scared for your races!

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