Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hello from Vegas a.k.a the Emergency Room

Hello all!  We made it! We are in Vegas!!!! Well, sort of.  We are actually currently in the Vegas Emergency Department (Grandma, refrain from fainting and calling Dad, we are fine).  So remember when I mentioned yesterday that my ankle was hurting?  Well, this has nothing to do with that..

Instead my day sort of went like this.  I woke up at 4:30 a.m. to get an elliptical session in.  It was painful, my ankle was not happy.  But did not have much time to ice and stretch before Robin showed up at our door.  I guess Aaron was extra excited to go to Vegas or to see Robin because he sort of got ahead of himself and tripped on his good ankle (the one he did not sprain this summer).  He sort of brushed it off until conveniently informing me when we got out of the car at the airport that he thought he sprained or broke it...Goood...There was not much to do at that point.  He could walk so we decided to press on.  He is a pretty strong guy huh? Anything in the name of a race  Vegas Vacation.  We asked the Security if the airport had a Medical Area - no. Hmmm...not great...
Ankle Sprain Number 1 this summer - here's hoping we don't have a repeat today!

So we get on the plane, and I am all excited (minus worry city about Aaron) because there is Glee Movie, Harry Potter Part 2, Contagion, Crazy Stupid Love, Elf.  Good selections!! I have wanted to see Contagion for a while so started watching it.  Next thing I know, Aaron is not looking so hot.  He says he got squeamish from the movie but he was not looking good so we went to the back of the cabin with the stewardess and they gave us water, ice, juice, and free snacks.  Pretty awesome minus Aaron looking like he was going to faint?! But Aaron needed food, like a lunch....

Now ladies, here is what happened last night.  I was packing my PB Sandwich and Apple for the plane ride of six hours.  

Me (while packing lunch): Aaron want a sandwich.  
Aaron: No I am going to have snacks on the plane...

In his defense, the snacks are so good, ever have Blueberry-Pomegranate Quaker Rice Cakes (sooo good, so not filling in the least though).  Hmph, good thing I love the guy because next thing I know he is eating the sandwich on the plane (I should have made two, I knew it) and I proceed to have the weirdest lunch/snacks ever including rice cakes, PB granola bar, two apples, and some cookies. Hahah I am not kidding.  All in the name of love....My body is a wreck right now, needless to say.

White Chocolate French Toast (the best meal in Vegas) was not my meal today, but it will be tomorrow!

Ok but more importantly the hubby.  When we got off the plane, we called his doctor who told him to go to the Emergency Room.  And here we are.  They checked him out and determined that he was ok in terms of the nausea/light headiness.  Then someone came and took him for X-Rays and now he is back here sitting next to me.  I asked him if they examined him before the X-Rays?  Nope!  So cool, just took the expensive test, did not even look at his my health care dollars hard at work.

So here we are folks, kicking off Vegas in style! Playing the waiting fun. Ooo he just got called they are putting on the bracelet as we speak.  And I am once again alone with our bags...PS  I promise I am not awful, someone has to stay with all the luggage and as I am joking I am being a crazy Jewish worried wife right now!

To be continued....

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