Friday, December 30, 2011

Eleven Races for 2011

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As this year officially comes to a close, there are many events and accomplishments to look back upon.  Sure, we bought a house, spent our first full years at new jobs, joined a wonderful temple and community, and made some great friends.  But clearly, the only real accomplishments I want to discuss are my running and my blogging, because, really, what else is there ...

OK, the other things are important too.  But let's talk running.

In the beginning of August 2010, I fully intended to run my first marathon that October.  For many reasons, that goal was not achieved.  In fact, in mid-August, I put on my running shoes, went for a nine mile run, and then did not run again for over two months.  That was extremely difficult to do and was not the least bit of fun.  I vowed to make 2011 a better year, but it was not going to be easy.  I needed to recondition my body and get back into running shape while honoring myself physically and mentally.  Thus, my first official race was not until Memorial Day weekend.  I would like to say that my debut was all that I intended it to be, but I think this picture says it all.
My IT band and I had a fight!

Good thing I have an amazing physical therapist, who whipped me right back into shape.  Only two weeks later, I showed my IT band who's boss.
Remember this?  It was the day I started to tolerate squirrels.

It should've been all good from there, but it became the summer of shoes.
Note: all of these were eventually returned.

As fate would have it, I inevitably went back to the shoes I've always worn just in time for my Garmin to fail as I stood at the starting line for the Falmouth Road Race.
Are we there yet?

No matter.  Fall was quickly approaching and, with only three races under my belt and the big "M" yet to come, it was time to kick things into high gear.  From then on, we rocked the race circuit.  Starting out on the right foot by placing at a local 5K, I proceeded to carry that momentum through to a scorcher of a race across all of Long Beach Island.  From there, I took on the wind of the Bay State half marathon to get ready for the big day in Washington DC.
Push it!

Soaking wet at LBI.

Start of the race.  I'm way too happy here.

Three years in the making, it was finally my day to rock negative splits and throw caution to the wind.  It was all I ever dreamed it would be and as I crossed the finish line, Liz asked me if I'd do it again.  I screamed, "Hell Yeah!"
Oh hello, there, NJ Marathon!  So glad I signed up for you today.  I'll be seeing you in May.

After Marine Corps, I was officially hooked and what better way to recover from a big race than to run four more races to finish off the year.
Turkey Trot!

Rock 'n' Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon!

Winter Classic!

Home for the Holidays Virtual 10K!  Note how I'm wearing the same shirt two weeks in a row!

So there you have it folks.  Eleven races in 2011!  So let's kick off the new year right, starting with a New Year's Day run with my favorite guy!

What was your favorite race of 2011?  How are you ringing in the new year?

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