Thursday, December 29, 2011

From Selfish to Selfless Running

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This Sunday I will begin the New Year right.  For the first day of the year, I will, you guessed, it run a 5K. Except this 5K will be different than any race I have ever been in.  This will be the first race I fully intend not to race on my own behalf.  I hate to admit this, but in many ways running is a selfish sport for me.  It can sometimes be all about me... ok, most of the time, it's all about me.  Before a race, I have to pick a certain dinner that will agree with my stomach, I have to wake up at a certain time, and I have to be somewhere at a certain moment.  I drag my selfless husband along and beg him to help me with my race day needs.  He does so willingly.  For the past three years, I have repeated this ritual multiple times.

Aaron supporting me at one my first races

Meanwhile, Aaron has enjoyed his own sporting activities in the form of hockey.  He does this on his own time, never once asking me to lace up his skates or hold his water and change of clothes for after a game.  Looking at this now, I can't say it's my proudest moment.  I try to be a loving, supportive wife, but there is always room for improvement.  Aaron has shown nothing but kindness and has been completely supportive of my running career.
Lots of love and kindness!

On Sunday, Aaron will begin his own running career and it is now my turn to step up to the plate, stop asking so much, and start giving back.  Instead of worrying about my time goals for this race or whether my iPod has the perfect playlist, I will be focusing on him and his goals.  I will attempt to do whatever he needs to kick ass and get across the finish line.  On Sunday, I will wear the "I <3 MY CRAZY BITCH" shirt.
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Now no one said this was going to be easy.  It has been suggested by some of my favorite cousins that I will inevitably get separated from Aaron during the race because I will get too excited and competitive and want to see if maybe I can set a new PR for the new year.  I don't think this is necessarily an easy thing to go into a race and know I won't be "racing" it.  And I am not perfect.  But ultimately, dare I say it, some things or some people are just more important than a shiny PR or running altogether for that matter.

So this Sunday, I will gladly put my husband first and cherish something new from running and racing - the opportunity to do something I love with the man I love.

Does anybody have any good tips for a first time pacer?  Happy New Year!

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