Thursday, December 15, 2011

Leading a Life Worth Living

Yesterday at this time, I absolutely expected to be posting a different blog post.  I had it all written out - I was going to tell you all about my bad day and pretty much complain about how stressed  I was and how mopey I felt at that moment.  I know you all really wanted to read a post like that.  You know, one where I go on and on about my bad day, those blog posts are fun, aren't they?

I even complained to my good friend Sam telling her that I was having a Pity Party.   Her response:

I don't want to come to that party!

And you know what?  I did not want to be hosting that party.  So instead, I turned off the computer and instead of going home and cuddling under the covers like I desperately wanted to do, I went to my Sisterhood Temple Event.  And it helped!  Instead of wallowing over the little things, that really do not matter, that really are not that big of deal, I just took a breather.  I enjoyed the company, the activity, and the moment I was in.  Instead of trying to blog, tweet, do work, run, and clean, all at the same time, I took each moment as it came and just let myself be.

This morning when I woke up, I felt a renewed sense of life. I know this sounds kind of lame, but really, that is how I felt. Even though I could have slept until 6 and still have gotten in my workout, I got up at 5 and jumped on the treadmill with all of my new gear to try out - my achilles sleeve and my iFitness Water Belt.    Usually, when I run at home, I turn on Felicity (so good).  But today, I just wanted to clear my head for 4 miles, so I blasted the music and started running!  It took a while to find my groove with the iFitness belt but by Mile 2 I was cruising.  It was TOUGH!  But I NEEDED this run and I was not going to let it get to me, so I kept going - all 4 miles in all 30 minutes. 

When I finished, I wanted to throw up, I wanted to faint, I wanted to have a dance party and smile wicked big (yes, that is how happy I was, I just chose to use the word wicked) because it was just one of those runs where everything goes right. 

Best picture ever! hah

So, what did I do, I blasted "I Want to Dance with Somebody" and danced around the room until Aaron came upstairs and told me to knock it off.  In response, I just danced around him as he semi-laughed, semi-shook his head at me. 

Fast forward an hour, riding the Runner's High, I managed to lose my cell phone.  We could hear it ring, but could not find it.  The phone sounded as if it was in the bedroom, possibly stuck between the mattress pad.  We searched and searched.  Literally, I had 19 miss calls when we finally found it.  After all that? It was not in the bedroom but on the kitchen counter.  

End result, usually I would be mad, especially since I lost my chance to go buy some Fruit Loops, which I was apparently craving this morning.  But instead, I just laughed, I just lived in the moment.  During the day today, I did the same thing.  Sure, I had to do too many things at once, but I tried to just breathe, relax, enjoy, and be thankful. To remember why I do all these activities, to remember why I blog, why I tweet.  It is not about doing everything in every moment.  It is not about being the best. It is about enjoying each moment (or as many of them as you can), making friends, having fun, being healthy, and leading a life worth living!

So nope, no pity party post for this lady! Instead, I will take a big breath, smile, and be thankful.  Thankful for everything I have gained in the past few months - for the friends, family, health, and fun!  

Marathoners don't have pity parties!

Do you ever feel like having pity parties? How do you get out of them? What are you thankful for today?

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