Friday, December 2, 2011

Part II: Our Trip to Vegas Emergency Room

Last time we spoke I was waiting to find out how my husband was...Before I could find out this lady came to the rescue.  This is what is so amazing about bloggers, no matter where you are, you have awesome friends who come to your aid.  People who don't read blogs or do not blog, don't get it. They think we are crazy or at least think I am.  But honestly, bloggers are some of the coolest, most generous people that I know.  Jill was the only one I "knew" in Vegas when Aaron hurt himself.  I called her and she came to the Emergency Room to pick us up.  She had never met us or spoken with me more than a few times, but she came.  She is totally my life saver, go check out her blog.  She is sweet, so cool, and apparently her and Aaron have more in common than me and Aaron haha.  Plus she is a coach for Team Challenge and is running to support all of your runners this weekend - so cool!!  THANK YOU JILL!

So just as Jill shows up, Aaron comes out of the back room.  You know how I said I was hoping to avoid another one of these situations....
July 2011, Left Ankle Sprain


Look familiar? December 2011,  Right Ankle Sprain

Yup, he sprained his Right Ankle!  This summer the Left and now the Right and he has a beautiful new pair of crutches to prove it.

So yea, we get him in Jill's car and to our hotel room.  Here is the thing about our hotel room.  We were only supposed to stay there one night until the real hotel room we wanted to stay in and always stay in opened up.  We get there and get in the room, its not pretty, but manageable for a night.  I take  a less than stellar shower and ask Aaron to call our "real" hotel to see if we can have an early check in.  They answer with sure, how early, you can come whenever, the other people canceled.  Well, that is all I needed to hear.  I had us packed up and going to the other place ASAP.  But ultimately it was exhausting!!

By the time we were settled, it was 7 p.m. Vegas time, 10 p.m. Boston time, we both had not eaten actual lunches and had been up since 4:30 in the morning, forget it.    And thus our first day in Vegas!

The cutest guy on crutches

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