Wednesday, December 14, 2011

You are never too old for a sleepover!!

First off, winners of our Everstride Sweepstakes are SamSam26 and Melissa H.  I don't have your contact information so please email me within a week to collect your Everstride!

Second, thank you so much to everyone who has tweeted and gotten the word out about Christmas in the City!  As of noon today, we had received over $7500 in donations and received requests for Wishlists, if you want to learn more about Christmas in the City and about volunteering or donating please check out my post here or Christmas in the City's website here.

OK, back to the topic of today's post.  It started about a month ago.  One of my closest friends was telling me that her and her 4 yr old daughter would be all alone for a Saturday night in December as her husband was going on a skiing trip.  In response, I half jokingly said:

you and your daughter, Talia, can just come over and stay at our house for the night.

Before we could say anything else, Talia seemed to light up at the idea.  Ok, maybe I am remembering it a little differently because she is a little shy sometimes, but she definetly exerted some type of enthusaim, at least a smile ;)  Regardless, it took off from there and before we knew it at the age of 26, I had my very own sleepover date plan - Talia, her mom/my friend, Mali and I.  Aaron would not mind, right?

Good thing Aaron was a good sport because soon Talia was counting down the days to our sleepover and telling everyone at daycare how we were going to have a great time and how we were going to make cupcakes (not sure where that idea came from, but I am never one to pass up a good baking experience, especially when it involves cupcakes!).  Talia may have been excited, but I may have been a bit more elated.  I wanted to make Talia's sleepover a success - thinking up all great ideas to spoil her with - bath toys, a "bubble" bath in our jacquizzi tub, cupcakes, painting our nails, watching movies. You know, all the essentials.  Nevermind the fact that these activities could equal a day's worth of fun and she is 4 so her bedtime is at 8 at night.  No problem, my bed time is at 9, so we would just have to start early.

With much anticipation, last Saturday at 4 p.m., Talia and Mali rang our doorbell and our sleepover began.  Talia immediately went upstairs to her room - customarily referred to as an office.  This office happens to have an air matress in it and Talia had claimed this room her room months before.  Waiting for her in "her room," was a mini-backpack shaped like a Yellow M&M that I had picked up from the M&M store in Las Vegas, inside the backpack a Cars Puzzle from the movie Cars.  What could be better...

Talia's response, " There is candy in my bed." 

Despite the backpack and the Cars Puzzle (which Talia amazingly, but not suprisingly did in only a few minutes), Talia just wanted to play with Mr. Balloon (can't blame her I love balloons too).  Remember this balloon....

Well, that was in June.  Fast forward a couple of months and that balloon is kind of, well, deflated. This has not stopped Talia.  It is possibly her favorite thing to play with it in our home.  So, we of course, played with the balloon.

After we got tired of the balloon, we did some spinning...

Did I mention that Talia has decided Aaron is her favorite person this week lol.

Finally, after spinning, we decided to sit down and watch a movie, a classic, Oliver and Company. Followed by all of Talia's favorite foods for dinner - corn, brocolli, grapes, and salmon.  I happen to like to use corn holders for my corn on the cob.  Talia had never seen these before and loved them remarking that if she held the corn straight up it was like her corn was a lollipop - very insightful Talia, and very true.

Notice the lack of cupcake pictures here.  After all the hype on baking cupcakes and two types of icing (it was a big debate in the grocery store earlier that week)  I baked the cookies on my own, Mali watched, Talia and Aaron continued with Oliver because Talia did not want to bake.  But this 4 year old is a smarty, as soon as the cupcakes were out of the oven she was rushed to help ice and sprinkle them.  I use the word "them" lightly.  She actually wanted to ice and sprinkle only one cupcake, her cupcake - girl after my own heart.

Following bath time - where we did not have a bubble bath because Talia may have been a little afraid of the jacquizzi bubbles, it was time for bed.  Remember how I told you Talia loves Aaron?  Well, she asked for Aaron to read her a bedtime story and to cuddle with her before bedtime.  Too cute!!  Aaron got hugs and kisses. I asked for some too, but no such luck.  Why have hugs and kisses from me when you can have them from Aaron!  Clearly, I could not agree more.

Overall, a very successful sleepover! I was very sad when they had to leave.  I love sleepovers!  Dear Mali, please let Talia sleepover again, you can come too!  Because what is there to not love about sleepovers. 

When I was young (and by young I mean a senior in high school), my friends and I would have sleepovers all the time.  Nothing better than chick flick, baking chocolate chip cookies, girl talk, and late nights (well late nights for everyone else, I always seemed to stick to that 9 p.m. bed time, maybe making it to 12 a.m. on special occassions).

Did you love sleepovers when you were younger?  What were your favorite parts? Have you had any sleepovers since?

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