Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Dinner Table Challenge

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Ok back to my Dinner Table Challenge.  When I was young, I ate all my meals at the kitchen or dining room table.  In the morning, our family would eat breakfast together at the kitchen table.  At lunch, I would eat with my friends in the cafeteria.  And at dinner, my family would again eat together at the kitchen table.  It was routine, it was nice.  It allowed us to talk and to just step back and enjoy one another's company to talk about our day or even, gasp, to watch some television.    I did not know any differently.  It was just how life was and I liked it.

Two Thumbs Up for Good Dinner Habits

Then, I went to college.  At first, I still ate meals with friends at a table.  But slowly things changed.  First, it was lunch.  I realized that I had way too much to do to waste at a table at lunch.  Instead, I stopped meeting people for lunch and instead spent the time with my laptop and my mass amount of reading, researching, and writing.  Second, came breakfast.  Once the initial "hype" of college faded, I realized that cereal in the room was the way to go.  Instead of going to the dining halls, I just enjoyed a quick bowl of cereal or whatever I could scrounge up quickly before class.

And then the final straw, dinners.  When Aaron and I moved off campus, we started off with great habits.  We cooked and ate dinner at the kitchen table and talked.  I blame what happened on hockey.  It is always the guy's fault right?  Soon hockey season came around and we were eating dinner the same time that hockey was on.  So Aaron took his meal upstairs to his room where the TV was.   I guess the saying goes "if you can't beat 'em join 'em"  and so I followed.  And the rest was history...we hardly ever ate at the table again.

Look we even made sushi!

Lately, I have noticed how I miss the dinner table.  I miss the healthy eating habits of cooking dinner and then sitting at the table with my husband and talking about our days.  Of just taking a few minutes away from technology - the phone, the computer, and the TV.

 Hey look dinner at a table!  

So in come the Dinner Table Challenge.  I proposed to Aaron that we have a dinner table challenge in which we eat dinner at our kitchen table for a month consistently.   He was not too excited.  We tried a few days and I am sorry to say we ate the past two nights on the couch once again because it was 8:30 before we ate and we were both, well, just too tired and zonked.

We even bought a pretty dining room table this summer!

So Round 2 - we are going to try a Week Dinner Table Challenge.  Starting tomorrow, we will eat at the table for the next 7 days.  We will cook and then just have time together sans technology.  Now, we have a little bit of an advantage since we are going to friends tomorrow, have visitors Friday, and out again on Saturday.  But, you know, we need the help!

So tomorrow is Day 1 and we will see how it goes!

Do you eat dinner at a table like "regular folks?"  Have you ever used a dinner table challenge or something of the sorts?

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