Saturday, December 3, 2011

How Not to Prepare for a Half Marathon - Vegas Style

The day before a marathon, I have been told not to get off the couch.  To hydrate, hydrate, hydrate and to rest up. If you have any injuries, nurse them like a good patient.  And just relax.  By doing this, the thought is that you have the best chance of performing well on the big day.

Apparently, that is not how it is done in Vegas.  For this half marathon, I have done everything but the above.  So here is how not to prepare for a half marathon.

3) Do not spend the entire day on your feet walking everywhere especially when your ankle currently looks like this.  Even if you are in Vegas and who can help it!

All taped up and ready to go?!? I don't know first time with KT Tape, we will see

No heels before race day!

And no ice skating with Penguins...

2)  Remember to hydrate and eat right.  It might be hard because water costs 4 bucks and a small salad costs $15 but suck it up...

 Save the M&Ms and Chocolate Fountain until after the race!

3)  SAVE YOUR $$$. Go to the Expo once and then get out if you want to save your money!!  We may or may not have gone back to the expo and ended up buying more new cool gear...can you really blame me....

Run as far away from the expo, as you can, you will not be able to resist all the amazing gear

Short and sweet for now! Got to get going for blogger meetup.  Yes I am again not taking my advice and not resting...Hmm we will see where this leaves me for tomorrow.  Ever do all the wrong things before the race?  Ever use KT Tape?

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