Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas in the City - We Need Your Help

I am not one to solicit or try and take up the blog world annoying people.  We all have our own charities during the holidays and our own lists of presents right now.  But if you have a moment, I could really use your help.

I am reaching out to you all because I volunteer with an organization that works miracles.  This organization, called Christmas in the City, is a nonprofit that provides thousands of children who fight poverty and domestic violence with the Christmas experience.  For one day, these kids shine and understand the miracles of Christmas.  They make memories. At the end of the day, each child receives a personalized gift from their very own wish list right off of Santa’s sleigh. 

This year, due to a technical glitch, we are SHORT on presents, VERY SHORT, which means we have less than a week to collect thousands of presents for 8,000 children.  Without your help, we will not have enough gifts come the big day!

Ok, so hopefully you are still with me and I can tell you a little bit more about Christmas in the City. 

In 2010, more than 3,000 people attended CITC.  The children entered the event on red carpets into a large room decorated for Christmas.  Snow filled the air as volunteers,  cartoon characters, and a choir singing Christmas carols  welcomed the children.  The day was a dream come true.  It included a 7-course meal, kid friendly exhibits (e.g., a petting zoo and the Children’s Museum)and a Winter Wonderland – an area full of carnival rides, games, food and performances by dance troops and performers.  The day concluded with Santa bringing each child a personalized present off their very own Wish List as well as a gift bag with age appropriate presents such as stuffed animals, hats, gloves, and t-shirts.  The mothers also received a gift bag with gift cards, books and more! For those children who could not attend, CITC still provided them with a personalized gift, giving out an additional 3,000 presents in the last year alone! 

I can describe it but you really need to see it – check out this ABC video to really see the magic - http://christmasinthecity.org/story/#!prettyPhoto/0/  (I am serious this video makes me cry every time).

So where are we?  We are days away from Christmas in the City and we are at a real push time.  Every year it is a struggle to get present but this year we have more children than ever!!! We are looking to provide presents to 8,000 children and their mothers.  Usually at this point in the year we are well on our way to making that happy.

Unfortunately, there was a computer glitch and the presents that usually appear have not come!!  Here is where you come in!  It does not matter where you are you can help!! And we really, really need your help. 

You can donate to Christmas in the City by going to http://christmasinthecity.org/donate/

You can also Tweet, Facebook, and blog about it to get others involved.  Feel free to shamelessly link or take this post.  Also you can use the following:

@CITCBoston is in trouble! We are days away from the party without enough presents for our 8,000 kids! Please help us! christmasinthecity.org
Email me: 26.2runforfun@gmail.cm
Call:  Call CITC for your own wish list and sponsor a child - 617-542-6611

Last year, CITC was saved through the power of social networking.  I know bloggers and readers can do it again and show them what we are made of. 


Yes this is a Christmas tree on a treadmill, but hey that’s what happens when an amazing Physical Therapist thinks up a great organization.

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