Friday, December 16, 2011

Confessions of a Non-Holiday Shopper

I have a dirty secret.  I have yet to do ANY holiday shopping.  Yup, no shopping for this lady.  I have not even made a list yet. We are less than 10 days away from Christmas and less than a week away from Chanukah and I have done pretty much nothing.

Now before you all believe that I am clearly a Grinch, can I remind you of this?

I may have the face of the Grinch here, but would the Grinch rock these holiday socks, I think not!

It is not the fact that I don't love the holidays that has caused me not to make the list and check it twice, because I love love the holidays.  And I could blame it on how busy I am and how crazy life has been, but honestly, that is not it either.  So then what?

When I was younger, holiday shopping was a big deal!  I needed to get gifts for my family and friends.  We had established parties and celebrations to attend.  My friends and I would have a small party, maybe 7 of us and we would make way too much food and exchange gifts, good times.  My family would also have holiday parties with others and light Chanukah candles each night (and presents each night too).   There was a clear expectation.  I would be exchanging presents with people and sharing in the holiday spirit.

Now that I have moved away from home and it is just Aaron and I, some of this has kind of been lost.  We will still have a family party, thanks to Mammy (my grandmother), but that is not for awhile because of my schedule (yes, I believe I am to blame on this one).  Aaron and I are so blessed to have some great friends either through law school, running, blogging, and temple.  But things are different.  It is not the same as when you had friends in high school it seems.  There is not the expectation of presents.  Money is tight for everyone.  Everyone is busy.  Aaron and I have not even discussed exchanging presents. I think we are going with saving up for a laptop - dear Aaron please tell me that is true, because if not, I will be sad and I will need to go buy you a present ASAP.   So ultimately, with the exception of a few cute friends' children and my family, I don't really have a huge list.

I don't say this as a sad thing or to make you feel sorry for me, because I am not sad about it.  It is not that I don't have awesome friends and family and great gifts to get for a few of them.  It just seems that without children and without school there is no longer that same holiday expectation of this really long list of gifts to buy.  

Nevertheless, I fully intend tonight to brace the toy stores and fill my car with as many gifts as it will hold because it is Christmas in the City time and everyone was so great in helping, tweeting, donating and we now have more than enough donations to buy any presents left that need to be bought.   Thank you so much to everyone that helped out. I can't say how much it means to me. So in the end, I will be braving the stores. Any advice? I am a bit nervous but excited too :)

Do you have a huge list for the holidays? Have you found that is has grown overtime or become smaller? I think it changes throughout your life and it just depends on where you are at any one point in time..

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