Sunday, December 11, 2011

Lost a Toenail, Gained a PR

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This morning I ran a 5K.  Where did that come from?!  You know ran a marathon, thought I would try Vegas and then oh yea one week later let's go for another 5k, why not?  I may be officially obsessed with races having done more in the past 4 months than probably my whole race career combined, and I don't think that is going to change anytime soon - I already know of 2 races I am doing in the first week of January hehe.

Anyway, my fellow amazing blogger friends and I had decided to run this race a while back, which is clearly the perfect excuse to run a race, you know when bloggers will be around.  So this morning, I woke up to the nice chilly air of 25 degrees and headed down to meet Robin, Meaghan, and Danielle.  This was a "holiday" race of sorts and supposed to be fun so I had not put much thought or pressure into it, yet like clockwork I became nervous before the start. The great thing about 5Ks though is there is not much time to be nervous because that gun goes off before you know it.  Literally once again we were all standing around and the horn sounded and we were running, how about that?!

But let's back up, before we started the race, we all calmed our nerves and got into the holiday spirit by taking some group shots..

Robin, Meaghann, Kelli & I 
Thumbs up for Mile 3 - I knew I could not wait to get back there already (p.s. I think I am kind of coming to grips with the fact that I am way short)

Before the race began, we did a quick warm up and ran into Danielle who had forgot her number at home and had to go back, not stressful, no.  But she made it with time to spare and then we headed to the start.  We discussed pacing plans to which I remarked I had none (nice Steph), Meaghan stated she just did not want to get injured, and Robin talked about low 7s high 6s.  Remember that I like to boss people around encourage my running friends so I immediately told Robin that I wanted to see 7:05, 6:45, 6:30...she laughed, whose laughing now Robin.  

Spoiler alert she killed it, with an average pace of about 6:38 and breaking 21, nice birthday present although the Stuffitts I gave her for her birthday are pretty cool too. Before I knew it, we were off. It was crowded, there were 1100 plus runners at this thing and some Santas and penguins too

Robin, you may be fast but Mr. Penguin is apparently faster. Don't worry I will tell you to go under 20 next time and you will get him...

As we started, I felt GOOD. Probably too good. I looked at my watch, because why not, and it clicked 7:15 (although my Garmin is apparently 5 to 10 seconds slow).  This felt, do I dare say, easy....and even better next to me appeared Meaghan and her friend that was also running.  Meaghan ran with this air of ease and confidence.  It was like she was just strolling along without a care in the world.  It amazed me.  And the fact that she can do it all without music makes her magical or just damn crazy.    We hit the first mile at 7:08 according to Meaghan (my Garmin 7:15 I have no clue what is going on with that thing) and things felt good!!  

At 1.50 it began to feel a bit hard....and I was ready to be done.  NOT a good sign.  But I blamed it on the "hill" at Mile 1.30 (only a hill though because the rest of the course was flat).   At that point I almost lost Meaghan and did not see her for a while but she was still there with me which was awesome! I love running with people, especially those who can push me and apparently so far there are only like two ladies who have accomplished this feat...I may or may not be stubborn sometimes. Hmmm...

We continued on at Mile 2 and I was feeling it and not in a good way.  Meaghan noted that her Garmin said we ran under 7 for Mile 2, mine said 7:21 (blasted Garmin!).  As we rounded Central Square, all I wanted was to see the McDonalds we had parked at because then we would only be moments away from the finish.  I realized though that we were ONLY at Central Square and that we were FAR from that MC'Ds, and so...I almost gave up. I felt like throwing up and my stomach sucked.  But Meaghan would not have it and told me I was not leaving her now.  I think I said Oh Gosh but apparently it was more of a grunt, go figure. Mile 3 7:23 (my Garmin so maybe it was faster?)...

And then we rounded the corner, remember this:

Well now it looked more like this....

Did I mention I wanted to throw up?

I will always smile for the camera! 
Thanks for the final push hubbies & Robin's cute girls - 0.20 - 6:57

Final results, we all rocked it!

 Ladies at the finish (Danielle, we lost you again!) 

See we are ready to run some more...hmm I may be a little lopsided here

And by rock it I mean, Robin PR'd the crap of it and I also happened upon a PR - power of the snowman shirt, sparkle skirt, and santa socks. 

With a time of 22:46, 27th in my age group and 270th overall.  I will take it :) :)

Meaghan she did ok, I guess, in the fact that she beat me! And the ever elusive Danielle coming in like a speed demon.  

Overall, a successful event! Maybe, I will have to run in these crazy socks some more.  Sure, in the end I lost a toenail, but hey, a PR for a toenail, I will take that any day. (I decided you would rather not see the picture of Mr. Toenail).

Did anyone else race this weekend?  On a side note, any suggestions for my poor achilles, it keeps rubbing on the back of my shoe and becomes very painful :( 

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