Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Runcation – a brief sojurn or holiday destination determined and developed based upon an athletic event.  In other words, planning your vacations based on what races you are intending to do while you are on vacation.
I don’t know how you all plan your vacations, but I plan mine based on races - Florida, the Cape, Washington D.C., you name it....and of course who can forget Vegas.  The situation goes something like this.  I am innocently looking at races on the computer and then all of a sudden I might get an email or see a side bar on a race.  It might say Florida, California, Hawaii, or something of the sort.  And then the wheels start turning.  Next thing you know it on I am Jet Blue's website just looking, just thinking, and saying what if.   And then before I can talk myself out it, I am e-mailing a link to my husband and calling my father.  Ultimately, my father drives to Florida, Aaron and I take a flight down and  all too quickly I am running through the Disney's Parks. hmmm does this sound familiar to anyone besides me?
Its Mickey in a Rice Krispie Treat! Does this even look like me?!?

What better souvenir than a medal?!

We know the latest situation, you know the one coming up on Sunday.  See, I was just minding my own business on Twitter one day in July and I saw a Tweet about a Blogging Running Convention in Las Vegas no less and then the next tweet was about Rock n' Roll Las Vegas.  Well that about did it in.  Next thing I knew it, I was on Jet and you better know that tomorrow I am headed off to Sin City.
When I tell people that I am going to Vegas, they are excited.  When I tell them what I am doing there, they are confused.  They cannot imagine why in the world I would ever spend my vacation doing THAT (i.e., running).  I just smile a giddy smile and say I love it.  Because that is the truth my idea of a good vacation is packing up all my running gear,getting up extra early to toe the line at a race with 20,000 of my closest friends, and sweating my ass off.  What is not to love?!?!
You get to hang out with M&Ms on Runcations
Sure I could go on a cruise.  I could go sit on a beach.  I could go sight seeing.  But honestly, my vacations are not complete unless a race is involved and I get to ride a camel, clearly....haha

Do you take runcations? 

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