Thursday, December 22, 2011

I Heart My Crazy Bitch Shirts....For Sale!!!

Remember when Aaron wore my Good Luck race shirt here...

Or what about the time he wore the Good Luck shirt in Vegas...

Well, now Aaron's shirt is NEW, IMPROVED, & FOR SALE in DRI-FIT and in Short and Long Sleeve as well as Hoodies for both men and women!   Check out the store here to pre-order a shirt!



This shirt has been my good luck shirt since he brought in home from the Jersey shore (yes the Jersey shore) over two years ago.  It gets tons of laughs and makes him easy to spot at races for all the essentials - good pictures, extra fuel & water, and a big hug at the finish line.  But we wanted to do MORE!  I wanted my own shirt too!  So we created the women's version as well.  So now on our first 5K together everyone will know that I am Aaron's one and only "Crazy Bitch"  (and I am proud of it!).

Details on The Crazy Bitch Shirts
  • Dri-Fit;
  • All sizes;
  • Men & Women Styles
  • Short sleeve or long sleeve dri-fit
  • Hoodie
  • The back of the shirt - has the new web address for my upcoming Wordpress site ( in neon orange at the top across the back (it is nothing crazy and massively obnoxious, minus the orange, I promise)
  • it is really reasonable 
  • $30 for one Dri-Fit Tee shirt (plus shipping)
  • $55 for a pair of shirts (a men's and women's shirt together) (plus shipping)
  • $40 Long Sleeve Dri-Fit Shirt
  • $50 Hoodie Sweat Shirt
    This is a PRE-ORDER and you can pre-order from now until January 6, 2012.   We expect to ship these by late January.   But the great thing about a pre-order is that we will have the opportunity to do tee-shirts, long shirts, and hoodies.  Pre-order here!

    So there you have it folks, the first ever sale of the Crazy Bitch shirts on my site.  Whose in?

    On a separate note, I hope everyone has a wonderful, safe, and happy holiday and of course an awesome Virtual 10K, I will be running tomorrow, how about you?

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