Monday, December 19, 2011

The Biggest Party of the Year

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Well, it has come and gone, the biggest party of the year is over already!! 

Christmas in the City

I know you all have probably heard enough about it, but one last post about Christmas in the City because it truly is amazing.  And also a big thank you to everyone who donated and/or got the word out.  The weekend was a major success!

So what happened?  This past Saturday, Aaron and I went to help set up for CITC.  The Saturday before the big day, volunteers come to set up the hall.  You can help in the Toy Room, Winter Wonderland, or the main room.  And yes, it totally is as awesome as it sounds.

Aaron and I helped out in the toy room a.k.a a large room with tables filled with rows and rows of toys.  Our job was to get our toys ready for Sunday.  Aaron and I were assigned a shelter for Sunday's party.  During the party, we would be responsible for our shelter making sure they had a great time and everything ran smoothly.  This year we had the sweetest little shelter of 12 moms and their young children ages 1 to 8.  So before they came we had to collect their presents.  We had their names and toy requests and then we just went shopping in the Toy Room to make sure everyone got what they wanted from Santa himself.

Yup these are all pictures from the Toy Room, how cool is that?

After we finished in the Toy Room, we had to check out Winter Wonderland and if the Toy Room was not cool enough, Winter Wonderland really took the cake.

On Sunday, bright and early, we arrived back at Christmas in the City to ready our table and meet our shelter.  The tables were set, the trees were out, and the North Pole was rocking!

Around 11:30, the shelters started to roll in bringing more than 4000 people with them.  Characters, dogs, volunteers lined the entrance cheering for the women and children as they entered.  

An hour of cheering may have exhausted me a bit too much but there was no time to rest.  We rushed to get the participants lunch - perfect kids food - chicken nuggets and pizza, what else!  And then we rocked the booths - the Children's Museum, the Petting Zoo, a dentist, flu shots, you name it, it was there!  We also rocked out to different choirs, djs, and dancers until....Santa came!!  Santa opened up Winter Wonderland and we had an hour plus of bouncy houses, making Gingerbread Houses, decorating pinecone ornaments, visiting Santa, climbing on a fire truck and more!  

We were all sad when Winter Wonderland was over but it meant that it was time for presents, cake, and soft-serve ice-cream!!! The children all received their personalized present from Santa as well as a gift bag filled of Stuff-Animals, books, and more!  The mothers received roses and a gift card.

And before I knew it, CITC was over.   I was sad to see it go.  I had received tons of hugs, been told "that this was the best day ever," screamed and shouted for kids as they climbed to the top of bouncy houses, and had glitter all over my hands and clothes.  Luckily, it was not truly over because today 8,000 plus more children who could not attend the party received presents too to help 2000 more families!

Another year, another Christmas in the City.  Thank you again for all those who participated.  Can't wait until next year!

Do you have any of your own Christmas in the City plans?

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