Thursday, September 1, 2011

You Can Gain Weight While Training for a Marathon?!?

So I debated writing anything this post because if you have not noticed I don't love talking too too much about food, weight, etc. on this blog.  In fact, I don't even own a scale or have any idea how much I weigh (did you know scales are for fishes!!).  I know this might be a shocker for some, but it is just right for me. Everyone has what works for them, I would rather just go on feel and just know that I know what my body needs based on the signals it sends to me and what my awesome nutritionist and I decide.  Well, this week my body, or rather my clothes have been telling me that I might have enjoyed a little too much summer funness in the eating category, either that or it is all in my head, totally also possible.

When you don't own a scale, it is hard to know for sure if you have gained or lost weight unless you literally go up or down a size.  But there is that weight fluctuation that is really only noticeable to you It really does not matter much, you can just tell and if you are at a happy place generally with your weight, you may not like it.  So when I noticed this, I emailed my favorite nutritionist and we started thinking about whether I had really gained some weight and what to do about it.  One reason I don't own a scale is that I believe it can be fairly controlling.  A number can rule your life, ehh just not for me.  It used to freak me out.  But these days, life is much better.  Ignorance is bliss?  Well, in this case, I agree.  I have been able to approach the potential gain in a much more level headed manner discussing with the expert foodie what is the best course of action as opposed to freaking out over a number and swearing off ice-cream (NEVER!).  Anyway, we looked at my eating habits and noticed it might not be me at all and just changes in medications etc.  So we did minor minor cutting - just a juice - and agreed to observe for one week.

We also noticed something else too. The amount I was eating post long runs.  We had previously discussed that you burn 100 calories for every mile run and since I was not looking to lose any weight, after 4 miles I needed 100 calories to add back in on top of what I usually eat to maintain my current weight and fuel properly.  That is a TON of food if you are running 15 plus miles.  When looking at it again, we realized that based on my RMR I actually only need to add 100 calories for 1.5-2 miles! Hmmmm, that might be it too.   My nutritionist even told me once, marathon training is not a good way to lose weight as people tend to eat more than they need while recovering or feel entitled to do so.

Plan now, one less juice a day and trying the lesser calories on long run days approach (but of course to honor my body's hunger, which is the best calorie counter - although my husband says his body just always says HUNGRY, FEED ME!)   Truth be told, I love food, love to eat, uhhh cause it is soooo good.  And on long run days I am MORE hungry but am I that hungry?  I don't know, I am ALWAYS up for the ice cream cone.  Ok but seriously, some days I feel like I need all those calories and some days not, just the ebb and flow of your body really.

So where are we?  If I am being honest, it does make me nervous when things get out of whack.  I have been at a steady weight for the past 8 or 10 months and felt comfortable here.  But I have learned a long time ago, it is not worth going crazy about it.  Life happens and that is ok. It does not mean I am going on a crazy crash diet to lose 100 pounds.  In fact, no diets at all for this lady, instead a way of life, a way of living.  Respecting and honoring my body and its needs.  So I will do just that, listening to it and doing what it needs...

Anyone ever go through this?  How do you deal with weight gain?  

Sorry for the heavy (no PUN intended) post right before the weekend. But I actually feel it is a victory to be able to observe and listen to your body and not freak out about it at the same time...there are too many other things in this world to worry and care about...hope everyone has a wonderful well-deserved holiday weekend!

P.S If you are reading this and comments are down, feel free to email me I love to hear from you!

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