Friday, September 23, 2011

I Will Be a Marathoner!!!

Tomorrow I will run 18 miles.  Tomorrow it will likely rain.  And not just a light drizzle.  They are calling for pretty heavy rain.  And if I am being honest, I have never really run in that kind of rain.  I have been running for the past four years and I have managed to get around any major down pours while running.  I will muster up a 10 mile treadmill run before going out in the rain if you will believe that.

I have written about this before about the simple fact that I do not love or even like rain. Actually I hate/despise rain!  I was not going to post on this but as I have been completely obsessed with this week and been tweeting to the high heavens about  rain I figured I better just own up and write this post.  After reading a few awesome blogs today with some crazy motivational tips and great attitudes, I knew that I not only had to write this post but that I had to commit to running in the rain.  Tomorrow as we all know, a very famous blogger will run her first marathon. I know you all know who I am talking about, I don't even have to mention her.  I read her post today and she wrote about the chance for less than ideal weather and it was like a very hard, but helpful slap in the face.  She brought be back to reality Really Steph!?! You call yourself a runner, you think you are hardcore, you are so impressed with your milage and speed but then at the first chance of rain, you cower in the corner like a sad puppy...really?!?!  My mother-in-law would not be impressed. She would not take any of this BS that I am currently partaking in. She would just get out there and go. 

Now it is my turn.  It is my turn to put on the big girl pants, muster up the confidence that I have gained over the past week and go.  Runners all around me are laughing mother nature in the face and getting out there for their runs.  They are not switching around the days, they are just going for it because they know that come race day it may rain and on race day, rain or shine, it is GO time.   So when my newly found amazing running buddy asked if I wanted to go on Sunday instead (she was game for either), I said, nope, I am going to do it.  We are going to run in the rain! Her response, "I was running either way!!!" So tomorrow, I will wake up and it won't matter - rain or shine - I will get out there, I must get out there because I am a runner and I am going to be a marathoner too!!!


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