Tuesday, September 27, 2011

On not becoming a freakout, incomprehensible crazy lady!

Well over in Run for Fun land we are still being a neurotic athlete like normal.  I called the PT/Coach last night trying to describe my random soreness/tightness and he was like I can't really tell without looking at it and voted for elliptical Tuesday morning instead of running 5 miles and to come in Wednesday as usual. On the up side, I got to sleep an extra hour on the down side, I freaked out and immediately Googled  "pain in hip socket area" ( I don't even know if it is the hip socket btw).  Google is an amazing thing but I think we need parental controls on google for those running marathons.  Google is all trouble when trying to "diagnose" phantom pain or soreness/tightness.  I immediately saw words related to stress and fracture and had a nervous breakdown, pulling Aaron away from his work and making him tell me everything will be alright as he tried to just make me go to sleep like a scared five year old.    His explanation soreness, maybe some inflammation, nothing that a little R &R with a bag of ice won't cure. Probably a bit more sane than my impending need for surgery.  As my PT always says, "did you fall in a pothole? No. Then you are fine. Go Run."  It is the fact that he said not to run, that scares me the most...

This morning I woke up, went upstairs our gym, flipped on the Kennedy Series (sooo good), and knocked out a very sweat 20/20 elliptical exercise (20 minutes as hard as you can, 2 min rest, and another 20 minutes - it is seriously sweat inducing).  No major pains or anything. I felt at points a little tightness/soreness on my right hip/hip socket area as I still do at varying times today, but it is still hard to pinpoint. 

In the mean time, I am trying to stay sane and focused.  I keep reminding myself that I have run 98 miles this month so far (hopefully will get to the 100 marker too; 98 is the farthest I have ever run in a month by the way) and 18 this weekend.   I have  learned over the years that it is important to try and stay in the moment that you are presently in.   Worrying about past and future events will not get you anywhere except maybe give you a major headache and early wrinkles.  Instead, it is best to fully participate in the moment that you are in as opposed to suffering the consequences of becoming a freaked out, incomprehensible, crazy lady - just something I have picked up over the years..hmmm... So today, I am doing trying to do just that.  Luckily, I have some fine wonderful ladies who have agreed to meet for an awesome event at a local spa.  Get this the spa is having a night of all free services and champagne and cupcakes to top it all off.  And as my lady friends said cupcakes clearly cure all.  If you can't run today, might as well eat a cupcake and that is solid advice if I have ever heard one!

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