Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Steph's Summer of Shoes - Why Finding the Right Shoe is Like Finding the Right Guy

Have you checked out my giveaway?  Thanks so much everyone for your comments, I have been soaking them all up. I might have to do a post on everyone's comments because there is a ton of great information!!!

Well, we are post Labor Day.  Summer has come and gone! Can you believe it?  Some may be sad to see it go but my husband and I are excited. Excited that we don't have another school year to look forward (sorry for rubbing it in if you do), but instead can now officially be 100% School Free!  Even better, it is Fall, the best season of them all (more to come on this throughout the next few months).  This Fall I am looking forward to my first marathon in D.C., running an 18-miler race and tacking on an extra two miles with this lady,  cheering and running with people at the Philly marathon, running a 1/2 in Las Vegas, being a bridesmaid in a wedding, hosting a fabulous October 15th party (more on this later), cheering on people at the NYCM, taking my grandparents leaf "peeping,"  motivational speaking, visiting this lady's farm...just to name a few things!!! The Fall will end with this event - can't get much better. Wow!! I am tired, excited and thrilled!

BUT before looking forward, we must look back. This summer was amazing, but it was not always easy.  You may or may not have heard that I have been having some shoe problems this summer...

So lets break it down, why in the world is finding the right shoe like finding the right guy?!? Here we go...

Once upon a time, I was in love with a pair of shoes, the Trance 8s.  I can't say that it was love at first sight.  I tried them on, I thought about it,  I took them around the block and then decided they were a good fit.  We had some good times, we had some bad times.  But then those damn Trances turned on me, just when I was breaking them in, getting them to do things my way, just as I liked them, our relationship went sour.  I searched for a better verison of what I liked in the Trance 8s and found the Trance 9s.  BINGO!  Trance 9s had it all, except there was something missing, isn't that always the case? A part of me still yearned for the Trance 8s.  It was their inserts.  No problem, I know how to whip my shoes into shape and took the inserts from a pair of Ghosts and put them into the Trance 9s - best of both worlds.

Life was good.  I was in love again, me and the Trance 9s went everywhere together - to Vegas, to the Cape, EVERYWHERE!  They even celebrated my first win with me.  But alas, it was too good to be true, they too turned on me and we no longer fit, they were worn out, old news.  I needed something new and shiny something that could meet all my needs.

I asked my friends to match me up.  They told me I had been looking in all the wrong places. I did not need a stability "guy," I needed a neutral one.  Ask any of the experts they said.  So I did, and they introduced me to new shoes.  Pretty ones, comfy ones.  At first glance, I loved each and every one of them. Things could not get better.  I had my pick of the litter, or so I thought. 

I took them home one by one, and we fought. I tried to make them see it my way, and they did not.  We fought more. 

 I tried to mold them, it did not work.  I was just not a neutral kind of girl.  Hmph.

Well, the grass is always greener right?  It did not take long for me to come crawling back.  I wanted my Trances. I missed the Stability, the comfort, the feeling of being at home.  I went looking.  The Trances were nowhere to be found!  They had found someone else.  I had lost my chances, looking for something else, when I had all I needed at home, I was alone.  Until one day, I saw not one, but five lonely pairs of Trances in a Close-Out sale.  I begged for them to take me back,  I pleaded.  They drove a hard, costly bargain.  But in the end, they admitted we were right for each other!!  I was sooo happy and nervous and excited.  Would we still be a good fit?  Would they do for me what they used to do?  Would they punish me for leaving them once?  Would I recover from my past summer's jaunt -  I had been pretty burned from the other shoes, and still not feeling so good if I am honest.  Would they accept another pair of inserts and allow me to mold them once more?  Once they arrived, I put them on.  And did not know, it was still so nerve-racking.

We have been back together for over a month now.  The Trances were like coming home, back to an old friend.  They even let me put in the old inserts and willingly allowed me to mold them.

Ultimately, it had been the Trance 9s all along.  Yes, I have battle wounds and am still working to get back up to 100% but the Trances have been patient with me and are with me all of the way.  I know they will be with me on race day, never failing, always stable,  those beautiful blues.

Btw, I do have a ton of extra random shoes, discarded, those guys were not for me, if anyone needs some extra ones I have a few pairs that need good matches.

So that is it.  My love affair with shoes.  I will never be unfaithful again, I promise.

Do you ever have a love affair with your shoes? Am I just weird (don't answer that)?!?  Maybe, if you care enough and my husband says ok, you will hear about how I truly found my special guy another time..

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