Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fear and Determination

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All summer I have been living in fear of the hills around my house.   In fact I have pretty much avoided them at all cost hitting the treadmill or other areas instead.  Lately, I have been feeling really good though.  I am still on a high from my track workout yesterday (more on that later) and my BIG win (well, not that big, but a girl can dream) on Saturday.  So last night I committed to tackling these hills - after all I did have a 4 mile with 4 hill workout on tap.

Fast forward to this morning, I woke up exhausted and not wanting to go outside.  It was DARK and a little scary out there.  Eh...just did not seem like the right time.  I kept pestering Aaron about what to do...if I should just hit the treadmill, if I should wait...WHAT?!?  He clearly had enough of my debating but voted for the treadmill due to the darkness.  Well, I, of course, opted for outside (once it was light enough Mammy - Grandma - don't worry!).  Why is that? Why do we even both asking others when we already know what we are going to do? ooo women, sometimes I just don't know what to do with us...

Anyway, I told myself I would take it slow.  That this was not about speed but about conquering my fears and these HILLS!  Apparently, my brain and legs were not communicating because by slow my legs thought I meant fast and off we went.  As I climbed up and down these hills, my legs just seemed to gain speed and power.  My mind willed them to slow down but something inside me just kept going until the very end even when I wanted to keel over and throw up (which is how I judge, by the way if I have gone fast enough.  If I want to vomit, then I probably had a good workout, how awful oops).

As the last mile approached, I realize the potential, I could make this 4 miles under 30 minutes!!! Now, I did a 5 miler in June in 37:04 but I have never seen 4 miles go under 30 for a 4 mile run and I became determined.  Determined to beat these last hills.  Determined to win out.  Determine to NOT see 30:00 on my watch.  So I pushed.  I kept going.  I fought my way up two massive hills and a few small ones and then it was all over.  4 miles.  Thats it, it was over and when I looked down I saw it 29:42.  Take that hills!! I will eat you for breakfast!

Lesson learned, I AM going to do this.  I deserve this, we all do.  We put in the time and the energy, dedication and devotion to make it to our goal.  And in 40 days and 26.2 miles I AM going to accomplish that goal.  See you at the finish line!

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