Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Questions for Those Wiser Than Moi & Allied Medal Display Giveaway

I actually had a whole different post coming up for today but I could not help myself as I wanted to get other people's thoughts and opinions who are much wiser than me like you all!  We are 2 days post 15 miles and I guess I am still feeling it, not that it was an easy run to begin with I remind you, give me a break lol.  My ankle is doing ok which is good but today's five miles was still pretty hard.  I kept lowering the speed and while overall it was not too bad, my legs were not having anything to do with me and my running.  Plus, even though I am chugging water and some nuun I absolutely think I am still dehydrated from poor hydration during the past two works outs (even though Liz did an awesome job of filling me up with water).  To add things to the pile, last week I went for a massage and we found a nice big knot in my right hammy.  The massage therapist worked on it a ton but I think it hurts more now than before. Eeeekkk. 

I have been running competitively for about 3 years and I am only a week into hardcore marathon training as the coach calls it and can you already tell my mind is spinning!!  I guess that leads to the wiser people noted in the title of the post.  I need help my fellow readers!  Tell me what you think?  You all always have such wise and thoughtful suggestions and I would love to hear them

1)  How do you recover from your long run/do you feel it in your workouts the next few days.  How do you deal with it?
2)  How is the best way to stay on top of hydration during your runs? This sounds like a silly question, I try to drink a ton but it is just soo hard! 
3) What is your vote on the hammy...do I allow the massage therapist to work it today, or give it the week off and work it again the next week or never again?

I can use your help!  But all this is not for nothing I promise, that's right you know it,  Giveaway time.  I am so psyched about this giveaway because I love love this thing.  It is an Allied Medal Display.  I am sure you have all heard of this before.  But if not and you  are wondering what to do with all your hard-earned medals  this thing is the answer.  It allows you to display your medals with pride by hanging them on your customize medal rack.  You can put any saying on it! They already have awesome ones like "Marathon" "Always Earned, Never Given"  or do your own like mine, "Stephanator," my coach's nickname for me  It does NOT get better than this.  I don't have a ton to say about this thing, because it speaks for itself.  It is an athlete's dream allowing you to really show off all that you have done. You NEED one of these, I am telling you ;)

Anyway how do you win this?

1)  You must be a follower of my blog (mandatory)
2)  Tweet about this giveaway:  "I want to win an allied medal display from @26runforfun2 http://tinyurl.com/3d6vg59:
3) Answer one of the three questions, or all noted above (1 entry per each)
4) Like Allied on Facebook and tell them I sent you (1 entry)

You know the rules, one comment per each entry please.  This giveaway will last to next Tuesday!  In the meantime, can't wait to hear from all of you!  Sorry for the quick post, crazy day.  Can't wait to catch up with everyone, have a wonderful week in the meantime.

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