Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fall Friday

Happy Fall Everyone!  Today is FINALLY the FIRST day of fall.  I have been waiting forever to write this post because I absolutely love love love fall.  I know other people say they love fall, but I am more obsessed with it than anything.  For some reason, whether it be the wonderful leaves changing colors or Halloween or the cool crisp air, I am always at my happiest come Fall.  There are tons of wonderful activities to do and things to enjoy.  I just can't get enough of it!  In fact, last year I forced Aaron into going on so many leaf "peeping" trips that our gasoline bill took such a rapid spike.  Months later when we were going over bills, we could not figure it out, until we remembered that I dragged us all over New England looking at leaves and having a blast.

Jumping for Joy for fall last season
Yayyyy fall!

Well this fall is not going to be any different.  I am determined to soak it all up between races, October 15th parties (more on that to come), pumpkin carvings, apple cider donuts, leaf trips, mega-mazes, and much much more.  I am almost getting teary eyed thinking of all the fun that awaits me.  I may or may not be obsessed enough to make Fridays permanent "Fall Fridays" but we will see just how much you all can take.

While it was not officially fall last weekend, I could not help but get a head start when Aaron and I were asked to attend "Mom's Day Off" Apple Picking.  Mom's Day Off is this awesome program that a bunch of the fathers at our temple put on where they take the kids for the afternoon to give moms time off.  But the moms did not want to miss apple picking (who can blame them) so they tagged along.  Now I know you are thinking, wait does Steph have kids?  Nope.  But I do happen to partake in all the family friendly activities at our temple - you should see me at Tot Shabbat (the toddler service at our shul), I can't wait to lead it!

Too cute, how can you not love fall (especially with compression)?!?

Apple Cider Donuts freshly made at a farm? Yes please!

We LOVE fall in our house (note I am on top of a hay pile made for kids to climb....uh yea)

So what is next you ask?  I am going to visit this amazing blogger this weekend and her family's own farm to do the Mega Maze.  How cool is that?!?! But now lets here from you, what cool activities do you have planned for fall? Any suggestions for me of must do fall activities in the NE area? 

Happy Fall Friday!!!!! :)

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