Sunday, September 25, 2011

18 MILES! - PDR - Proud Determined Relentless or Pain Doubt Rest?

Well, I am still alive, 18 miles and a lot of ice cream later. And guess what? No rain.  I guess I will have to battle mother nature at another time in terms of rain but I think battling humidity might be just as bad.   So where does this leave me, well with a freaking PDR that's where haha, sorry can you tell I am just a tad bit excited and maybe crazy tired, at best?

This run was not an easy one.  The humidity was a killer!  But we made it, thanks in large part to an awesome running partner who kept me going for oo the last 5 miles when I thought I just did not have another step in me.  This run was a bit of a struggle between feeling great to feeling like I wanted to fall over.  The first 13 seemed to go pretty decently but the last 5 were a little...difficult.  There were many times I did not think I was going to make it, that it was just sort of painful and hard, and that I just wanted to lie down ;).  When we finished, I may or may have not said that the concrete sidewalk might as well have been a Westin Bed, but I made myself walk around a little bit more before "stretching" on the pavement.

While this run shifted between feeling great to feeling really hard, either way I am wearing my 18 with pride and a tad bit of doubt.  If 18 is this hard, how will I get to 26?  And why is it that 16 felt so great last week but 18 this week, at points, seemed impossible?!?  Either way, I am marching forward as best as I can and learning as much as possible along the way.  Each run is a new experience and a new learning opportunity.  I have realized that training for a marathon is not simply about training your body to run 26.2 miles but also to teach yourself how to manage everything else - the fuel, the hydration, the blisters, the bathroom.  Every time I think I have conquered one, another problem creeps up.  This week it was hydration.  I realize and kind of already knew that I am not drinking nearly enough when I run.  There are water fountains along my route but still not nearly enough for what I need to be taking in.  The belt and the hand held don't work for me, which is problematic.   But after yesterday's run, I know I have to do better so the goal for this week is to make this darn belt work for me.  Once again, time to put on my big girl panties, man up and just go for it!

Alright all, I know this is not the most amazing or well written post of them all but its umm 9? And I am exhausted from all the ice cream eating and running fun.  Better things to come tomorrow I promise.

Tell me how your runs went and how you deal with hydration?

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