Sunday, September 11, 2011


Have you entered my giveaway yet?  One last day to do so.  Also anyone interested in a Marines Corp Marathon Number (no not mine!!)? I have a friend who can't do it, I would love for some other wonderful runner to join in the fun.

Anyway, I am going to stick with my one word theme posts for now.  Yesterday, I wrote about commitment right before I went out to my 12 miles.  Coming off of that run, I was talking to Aaron about how it went and the word that popped into my mind was empowering.  That is how I would describe yesterday's run, empowering.  And as I think more about it and the word and the meaning behind empowerment, it makes me smile wide, my eyes fill up a bit, and shiver a little too because yesterday was one of those runs that just makes me stand a little taller, a little stronger and think I am committed, I am strong, and I AM going to see you at the finish line 26.2.

Now, I am not saying yesterday was perfect.  Because it was not. I did not peel off the miles at record pace.  I did not PR.  I did not PDR.  I was not pain free.  But something magical happened on that run, I am not sure if it was the great conversation or the feeling of fall, but it just left me wide eyed, bushy tailed and smiling from ear to ear jumping to go back for more (remind me of this next weekend when I say I am scared of 16).  I am even grinning as I write this alone at my desk like the dork I am.

So what did happen yesterday?  I woke up bright and early at 5 a.m. and I was still sick.  I could hardly breathe and had a bit of a headache.  But I was determined and committed to kick out this run.  It absolutely helped that I knew my friend was waiting for me and I could not let her down (yay for running buddy accountability - Jess I am using your phrase and shamelessly stealing it because I love it).   Besides that, I could not let myself down.  I don't know what it is but ever since the coach wrote out my schedule, I have had an incessant need to check off each workout completing them to the best of my ability.  So I sucked it up and off I went.

When we started out it was a bit chilly and we were being "responsible" runners keeping it at a nice pace, as I am learning the importance of slow long rungs.  Before I knew it, we were 4 miles in and time for a water break.  Now, lately, my runs have been full of stopping - stopping to rest, stopping to walk, stopping to fix my shoes - but yesterday I only stopped to drink twice.  This made me ecstatic.  From there, we hit two more miles before it was time to turn around.  I could not believe it, the miles were flying and for being sick and talking I felt great.  My foot was bothering me, of course, but soo much better than last week and it was manageable. SCORE!  We picked it up as we turned around moving our pace closer to the faster end of the scale, exactly what I was hoping for, ending 12 miles with no trouble at 1:44:00 with two water breaks included so maybe even an 1:42:00 if I am being generous.

Yes I was ready to be done, yes I was tired, and yes I wondered how I could make it to 26.2 if I was already in this state.  But I knew when I stopped that I felt good.  I wanted to just run over and give my running friend a nice big high five, but it was our first running date so I was trying not to be too weird.  After I drank some nuun (I know Liz, but long story promise to post on this), took an ice bath (two bags is the key) and dressed for temple with my dress and compression socks and shorts AND sneakers (totally legit for temple).  And I walked away like I had just gotten out of bed. I was not exhausted, I was not dehydrated, I was not lying on the bathroom floor. BUT I was invigorated.  I was empowered!!!

This morning when I woke up still sick as a dog, this feeling from yesterday still filled my body. I had a yearning desire to check that next box.  An hour on the elliptical later, I could beam with pride as I checked that box.  One more step closer to 26.2, watch out Mr., I am coming!!!

How was everyone's weekend?  I have so much to catch up on, hope it went well.  

Btw I am so behind, here are some great pictures from last weekend!

Liz is amazing and took some awesome pictures from her bike! zoom in to see my crazy faces!

Erin & I post 15 miler!
If you have not checked out these ladies, you really need to, they are amazing!

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